Weekend Roundtable: What’s everyone up to?

There have been a few minor moves over the last couple days, but let’s face it, this is the precise point in the calendar where there’s nothing really happening in the hockey world. People are taking vacations, enjoying the summer weather, and are for the most part checked out from the NHL (this even includes the execs themselves).

With that in mind, this week we wanted to simply ask our writers what they’re up to in their summer free time, but since we’re a sports site, more specifically ‘What’s a good sports-related television show/movie/book you’ve been watching/reading?

Hopefully you can take a good recommendation out of the responses.

Evan Presement

I’m not really a huge NFL fan but one show I’ve found myself watching a lot recently is Hard Knocks.

I love the behind the scenes-type shows. 24/7 was great before Ilya Bryzgalov killed it. Hard Knocks is basically a better 24/7, except it follows a single team throughout training camp. Again, even though I’m not an avid football fan, I find myself fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes at these camps.

Adam Laskaris

The best thing loosely related to Sports on Netflix is 100% Mike Tyson Mysteries and it’s not close. Which sucks because Mike Tyson has shown on multiple occasions he’s an absolutely terrible human but I hope he’s getting help. It’s a little juvenile, but only 10 minutes per episode and easy to bang off like, the whole series over a weekend.

Scott Maxwell

Every summer, I always find my way back to watching Moneyball. Maybe it’s because I’m big on sabermetrics, maybe it’s because I’m often in a baseball mood in the summer (just not this year), or maybe it’s because it’s a good movie, but Moneyball always seems to be my offseason sports flick.

Ryan Fancey

The best sports-related programming I’ve been watching so far this summer is Ken Burns’ Baseball, which is a deep dive (19 hours or so) into the entire history of the game. I’m not even a huge baseball watcher, but I think I will be after finishing this up.

Also, I recently watched The Best That Never Was, a 30-for-30 on football player Marcus Dupree. It’s been out there for a while, but I hadn’t gotten to that one yet, and now I think it could be arguably the best of that entire series.

On the book docket, I’ve got Take Your Eye Off the Ball by Pat Kirwan, and The Education of a Coach by David Halberstram (the latter on reco from Mike Babcock). Give ’em a whirl if you like football or have an interest in pro sports front office workings.

Sam Blazer

I’ve been reading future greats and heartbreaks by Gare Joyce bit by bit for the past year. It’s a really really good and informative book. I never want to finish it so whenever I get a chance I just read a chapter at a time. So many great stories about modern players. It’s a must read for any hockey fan. Plus it shows how idiotic the Blue Jackets were in the early 2000’s.

Ryan Hobart

I have been reading Moby Dick, by Herman Melville. I guess whale fishing counts as a sport, right? Anyway, I find it really interesting, and the story has been quite funny so far. Melville is very descriptive, and the old language leaves me constantly googling words to define them, but I’m still quite enjoying it.

I recently finished watching GLOW, and it really gave me a new appreciation for people who watch wrestling. The complex storylines and personal drama behind the scenes of the actual fight are sincerely interesting, especially when presented from a TV angle where you get to know the characters’ personal lives as well.

Jeff Veillette

I bought The Extra 2% by Jonah Keri after our very own Dom Luszczyszyn referenced it in a TLN article earlier this season. I didn’t read that much of it throughout the year, and decided this week that I wanted to put an end to that. I’m happy I did; it’s a fantastic read that I wholly recommend.