WWYDW: How would you handle William Nylander’s next contract?

Once the first or so week passes, July is the kind of month that is horrendously terrible as a hockey fan.

What are you doing to pass the time these days? Cracking open cold ones with (your friends of choice)? Getting angry over the fact the Jays lost despite the fact Mike Bolsinger struck out four players in one inning and Auston Matthews, William Nylander and Frederik Andersen were in attendance? Listening to songs by the Tragically Hip? Failing to properly make s’mores at a campfire? Watching classic films on Netflix (I’d recommend cult classic Heavy Metal. Just don’t watch it with kids under the age of 21) ? Fighting people online about hockey?

Ah, there’s the one. We all know you’re still doing it. So we’re going to throw another idea for you to argue about into the mix.

As we mentioned before, William Nylander. What a dude. But as you know, William Nylander only has one year left on his entry-level deal. A 61-point first full season in the NHL is a pretty remarkable thing. And as you know, William Nylander is on the Toronto Maple Leafs, a rookie who had three rookies who hit somewhere between 61-69 points. That’s good, actually.

With under a year left in his contract, the Leafs can negotiate with him for an extension of up to 8 years, but obviously have to be thinking about what his teammates Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews will be making two full seasons from now.

What do you want to give him? Do you think that number would go up or down if he were to sign this summer as opposed to next? Do you want to go for a full eight year deal or would you rather give him a bridge contract? Are we just talking about nothing because the Leafs won’t even talk about it until next offseason?

Let us know in the comments below.

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