The Steve Dangle Podcast – Jul 18, 2017 – The Halifacts

On this episode, the guys talk about the east coast, Hockey Twitter coming undone, and Timothy Liljegren.

WARNING!!! This is an explicit podcast. That means it may contain swearing. If you do not want to hear that sort of thing then do not watch or listen.

00:45 – Adam has an embarrassing story
06:20 – Steve’s East Coast trip!
25:00 – Social media tips
29:00 – Hockey Twitter needs to go away
35:00 – Tyler Dellow’s Twitter storm
44:00 – Bozak’s condo is up for sale
46:00 – Is Kessel getting traded again?
55:00 – Are the Lightning getting John Tavares??
1:00:00 – Will Timothy Liljegren play for the Marlies next year???
1:15:00 – The Press 20th anniversary logo & their FORMER anthem singer
1:20:00 – The Canes sale
1:21:00 – Is the NHL going to end up at the Olympics?
1:29:00 – NEW GAME! Josh Ho-Sang or Jaden Smith! And Headlines!
1:39:00 – Press Conference and a lesson in Super Hero Movies
1:53:00 – A warning for anyone who listens on SoundCloud!
1:56:00 – A special message from Steve.

  • DukesRocks

    While I would like to see the NHL in the Olympics, it ain’t going to happen. One thing I don’t see anybody talk or write about, are the risk issues surrounding the Olympics in S. Korea. Maybe some research is in order to see the amount of turmoil going on in the South China Sea and this might be the reason the NHL has decided to forgo Korea. In reference to the IIHF holding the cards if the NHL doesn’t go? Not sure where you are getting your information from but everybody knows you will draw better rating with NHL players, then without. The IIHF knows this and therefore, would never lockout the NHL in China.