WWYDW: What contract would you give Connor Brown?

Connor Brown is a hot topic in the city. The ginger-haired assassin, who once played on the same team as Connor McDavid and outscored him by 29 points, is currently not under contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs. As a restricted free agent, he will more than likely sign soon enough and there isn’t really a situation where he doesn’t start the night on the opening night roster, barring his inclusion in a trade package.

People who were once mad about Zach Hyman online quickly turned to being mad about Connor Brown online.

There’s been a few differing reports about his contract: some have said the team can’t sign him until much closer to the start of the season as the team waits for LTIR to be available to their usage. Others, like The Athletic’s James Mirtle, said that’s all a bunch of beeswax and they can do whatever they want because they’re the big bad Maple Leafs.

After one full season in the NHL but his entry-level contract now past its expiry date, Connor Brown is now seeking a new deal. What kind of contract does he deserve? A bridge deal? A seven-year contract? A MAX TERM, MAX SALARY DEAL? No contract at all?

A contract with a stipulation that he has to learn the saxophone and play it after every win in order to satisfy Lou Lamoriello’s secret love for jazz music?

Let us know in the comments below.

For bonus points: what number do you think he wears next season? As you know, the Leafs’ hot new acquisition Patrick Marleau is more than likely about to take his number.

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    Matt Cane projects his salary at $2.8m and I would be good with that.

    Remember that Connor Brown is an RFA with no arb rights.

    The Leafs should be a little bit ruthless with him in terms of AAV since they have the depth on RW to let him sit indefinitely without it hurting.

    From what I’ve been reading it seems like it’ll be a 5-6 year deal worth $3m, which is a bit more than I would like, but I can live with it.

    • Capt.Jay

      I think the leafs are being ruthless and that’s why he hasn’t signed. Lou gave a number and it’s probably not what Browns agent wants. It’s up to Brown to now decide before the start of the season.

  • Eli York

    Connor deserves an 8 year deal worth 28-30 million dollars. In a year that will be a bargain for the Leafs.

    As far as his number is concerned, he is a team-first guy and will be ok with whatever number he gets. Last year he made a joke about Mitch Marner getting his number because he was a higher draft pick.

  • A_K1198

    Lou and Kyle are number crunching for the future and they are most likely going to try long term for Brown as well, but with the season Connor Brown had it looks like he will cost much more then Hyman, so if Brown’s agent were to get Brown more money the leafs would be looking at a 2 year 5.3 million dollar offer highest we might see if things go in Brown’s favour (and that is a major if) then we would see Brown walking out with a contact well over 3.4 million per year

  • Skill2Envy

    6 years, no more than Komarov’s $2.95M/yr. Everyone suspects the deal will be around $3M, I think that would be buying on a player that will outperform his pay over a 5+ year contract.

  • Matmarwill

    Everyone gets so caught up with money. Brown is a great character player with some skill. Whatever the average aav for a player of that sort would do, maybe with a hometown discount like kadri. Then when he scores 30+ everyone will be happy. He’d play for nothin and will make more money in one year than most of us would make in twenty.