TLN Roundtable: How You Like Us Now?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have put the first week of July behind them, making a bevvy of signings throughout the organisation. Still no trades yet, and there’s a lot of players who could be forced onto the block by the numbers game, but some strides were made nonetheless. With that in mind, our roundtable gives their thoughts on how the month has been kicked off. After reading our angles on the situation, be sure to leave a comment with your own!

Scott Maxwell

Am I satisfied with the Leafs offseason? Sure. They had holes going in, and they filled them through free agency and the draft. They even added a player who didn’t fill a hole in Marleau, although he does give the team flexibility to trade JVR to fill another hole in their 1RD spot. However, could they have filled those holes better? Definitely. Unless Boyle straight up hated playing in Toronto, the Leafs could’ve easily added him, and there were some better options than Ron Hainsey as well. Obviously easier said than done, but it could’ve gone better, especially since none of them were sweetheart deals. I’m not saying the offseason is a disaster, but it’s not ideal either

Adam Laskaris

Picking up a 27 goal scorer to play alongside AM34 is a huge acquisition. As we know, it’s probably an overpay relative to his actual value but like Lamoriello said, this is a unique opportunity with such a large contingent of the roster still on ELCs or great deals. With JVR, Kadri, Marner, Matthews and Nylander combined only coming in at around 12 million for next season, I’m perfectly fine with the deal because the team’s been able to optimize their other assets well. Swapping in Ron Hainsey for Matt Hunwick is probably about the same, whereas the backup goaltending was a cheap if not overly attractive move. Zach Hyman was coming back and the contract is okay enough for a versatile player. It also shouldn’t be understated that as of right now, Roman Polak was not brought back and could be a recognizable case of addition by subtraction.

Evan Presement

I know it’s a cop-out, but it’s really hard to say whether or not I’m satisfied with what Lou and Co. have done so far this offseason. In a vacuum, the moves have been OK, but we still don’t know what other moves are coming – and it sure seems like there are a few more shoes set to drop. Will they trade JVR of a top pairing d-man? Where does Marleau fit into the lineup? I’m not prepared to say whether or not I’m happy with what they’ve done yet until I see what they do next.

Sam Blazer

The Leafs off-season has been bold and other than a wonky goaltending signing I like what they are doing. Marleau still has a little left in the tank, Hainsey brings the coveted cups in the room contingent. Dominic Moore is a solid but not flashy signing. These are the cherries on top of a really good sundae. This also allows some younger forwards to marinate on the Marlies too. It’s a perfect storm that should be able to take on a weak Atlantic division.

Jeff Veillette

It’s pretty simple; the Leafs a better team than they were a week ago and they haven’t done anything that will hurt them in the long run. I’ve gone into more detail about the signings in a separate post, and I’ve given my extended feelings on Marleau’s deal and Hyman’s future as well, but the long and short of it as that the Leafs are more mobile, more capable of facing tough competition, and have more depth, both up top and within the organization than they have before without a ton of risk. They didn’t undercut the market, so it’s not a glowing A++ effort, but they’ve improved without shooting themselves in the foot and deserve credit for that.

Bobby Cappucino

Yes, I am satisfied. Can everyone shut the fuck up about Zach Hyman now?

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  • CMpuck

    Lol, overpaying on three deals none of which address the RHD hole, round table collectively endorses this off season? The confirmation bias on this site is beautiful. Everything Nonis did was bad, everything post Nonis gets a rubber stamp approval.

    Net narrative is as lazy as msm.

    I especially adore the JVR for RHD deal that can happen but hasn’t happened for years because JVR doesn’t hold enough value… hacks

    • I doubt anyone believes that JVR for a RHD would be a straight-up, 1-for-1 trade. Many people have said it might be JVR and any number of our winger prospects since we have so many to spare. The point is that JVR would likely be the centerpiece in said trade. How often are trades like this reported with the included propects and picks mentioned as an afterthought? Leafs need to dump some player contracts anyway because eventually their prospect depth might walk (via waivers) in a few years anyway.

      As for the endorsements, the Leafs did get better, just not in the way many of us would have liked. The problem is that most teams want the same kind of players that the Leafs want. Most of those sorts of players are locked up and never make it to free agency. The Leafs are in a good position to attain them the only way most can nowadays: the draft or trades. The Leafs appear to be significantly better at drafting (Hunter and Co.) and they have resources to trade because of said drafting skills. The Leafs are also finally a favourable destination and this is because of the good work management has done. Do I agree with every move they make? No. But are the Leafs better this year? Absolutely.

      • CMpuck

        Leafs didn’t get better, they’re more the same, they’ll ice forwards with balanced scoring, there is only one puck. The Leafs will be better by virtue of the youth progressing but the UFAs add little if any upgrade.

        There isn’t a deal for RHD with JVR as a centerpiece, no one is so obtuse to think it has to be one for one but the JVR ++ package doesn’t seem to working either.

        Wingers are a dime a dozen