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Leafs Re-Sign Hyman to 4 Year, $9 Million Contract

The Toronto Maple Leafs have re-signed Zach Hyman to a four year contract with an AAV of $2.25 million, totaling $9 million.

It was reported earlier today that the Leafs were close to re-signing Hyman when he did not file for arbitration, which many assumed meant that he was close to a new deal.

Hyman is coming off his rookie season where he scored 10 goals and 28 points, including four shorthanded goals, a rookie record. However, it’s well noted about his lack of production outside of playing with Auston Matthews, who Babcock glued him to in the 2016-17 season. Of Hyman’s 24 5v5 points, only 1 was scored with Matthews off the ice.

Personally, I don’t hate the deal. It’s relatively cheap for a young player, and it has some term to it, so you’ll keep him cheap for several years. It’s a bit of a gamble, because you’re hoping that his 6.4% shooting percentage was an outlier, and you’re hoping that he can produce away from Matthews, especially if they plan on putting Patrick Marleau with Matthews, but other than that, the Leafs locked up a solid young player for several years.

My only issue is that this sets the bar for Connor Brown. If a 10 goal scorer gets $2.25, then what does a 20 goal scorer who has a similar style of play?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Brown ends up getting traded in a deal for a defenseman. The team has a logjam of wingers, and one of them is probably going to go. The team has shown their commitment to Hyman, so things don’t look too good for Breeze.

Of course, that’s just random speculating. Brown might get a similar deal, return to the team next year, and continue to play well, and everything I just said in that last paragraph might be meaningless.

All in all, it’s a solid deal for Hyman. He’s not exactly a core piece that the team needs to lock up, but it’s a deal that even if it ends up being bad, it won’t kill the team (except they’re starting to do this frequently enough that it’s become death by a thousand cuts).

  • Skill2Envy

    Brown and Hyman do not play a similar style. They both put in the same amount of effort nightly and are willing to work for the puck in every zone but don’t assume that means their style of play is the same. Brown is far more skilled and will probably last longer in the league.

    He will probably be a Clarke MacArthur or Lee Stempniak or Dominic Moore type who will be a middle 6 guy and able to move into a bottom 6 as his career fades because of his puck skill, skating and ability to play special teams.

    The bad news: I was hoping the Leafs would be able to entice Brown with a 6 year deal similar to this price point, Brown out performing his contract in the back half. Doubtful he signs for that now.

  • Will Murray

    It seems like an overpay, to be honest. 28 points at 25 years old is nothing to write home about, let alone when you consider the amount of time he got to play with Matthews. Hyman is okay, but I’m unconvinced he’s anything more than that. Given he’s almost certainly going to be pushed down the lineup, I’m not sure what the rush is to give him term and money.