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Timothy Liljegren selected by Niagara Ice Dogs in CHL Import Draft

Timoth Liningren was selected 13th overall today in the CHL Import Draft by the Niagara Ice Dogs. Crazy how it’s now been 28 teams that have passed on this guy in just under a week!

You can see all of today’s selections here: or by finding that one person who tweets out all the picks for some reason on twitter dot com.

Andrei Svechnikov, younger brother of Detroit prospect Evgeny, was taken first overall by the Barrie Colts. “Svech” is a rumoured first overall pick candidate for next year’s NHL entry draft, where we’ll see Detroit in the running for the top spot all year long.

It’s still unclear whether Liljegren will report to Niagara or choose another playing option, most likely staying with Rogle BK in the SHL. While some anonymous Leafs fans have already called the potential move to the OHL a disaster, it might be in the Leafs best interests to keep their boy close to home. He is also AHL eligible, but if he decides to play in the OHL then he’d be ineligible to be sent back to the AHL in the same season.

In recent years, the IceDogs have kept Dougie Hamilton and Alex Pietrangelo in their draft+1 years. Decent company, I’ll say.


Well, there goes that. Maybe. Who knows!

  • FlareKnight

    Certainly not a bad idea for Niagara to have their options covered. In an incredibly unlikely scenario they’d get a huge boost to their blueline.

    But yeah, basically no chance he ever plays for them.

  • Skill2Envy

    I suspect he plays the entire season in the SHL and probably drifts over after the season to join the Marlies on their run.

    The second most likely (or first depending on the person), is the Nylander situation where he starts the year in the SHL and is pulled out if his team is poor sometime around Christmas and plays on the Marlies.

    Followed by the OHL as 3rd most likely scenario.