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2016-17 Leafs’ Season in Review: Week 4

Today is the second day of the draft, so you’re probably refreshing this page waiting for some quick info on some new Leafs. Until those moments come, though, why not look back at some of our season-in-review profiles from the past week?

Alexey Marchenko

Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite able to impress Babcock. Marchenko didn’t see any action in the Leafs’ final 14 games, with Carrick healthy and Zaitsev and Polak both having momentum and established roles, there wasn’t room for a largely ineffective player in Marchenko. – Ryan Hobart

James van Riemsdyk

To me, it seems like if the Leafs wanted to trade him, they would have done so already.  On the contrary, his value has never been higher than it is right now, especially given that he will be a UFA in 2018.  If the Leafs were to trade him, now would be an ideal time. – Jessica Pincente

Tyler Bozak

A career 15.1% shooter, perhaps influenced by his shot selection, Bozak actually had a down year by his accuracy standards, shooting only (haha) 12.4%. Though he’s hit 20 goals just once, he hit 18 goals for the fourth time this season, which is almost as good and also a totally arbitrary number. He was a menace in the faceoff circle, winning 56.7% of draws, also a career high, and had 52 takeaways, the second highest number of his career. – Adam Laskaris

Auston Matthews

Sometimes I don’t think Leafs fans understand how lucky they are to have a player like this on their team. Matthews is a generational talent and will likely go down, if all goes to plan, and the greatest Leaf of all time. For these types of players, the sky truly is the limit. – Evan Presement

Frederik Andersen

As the lede suggests, there is no question that Andersen is the Leafs’ guy going forward. Much bemoaning was made of the contract given to Andersen (some of which by myself), but at $5M for 4 more years, it certainly seems the Leafs are in good financial shape when it comes to goaltending. The key now will be avoiding overpaying for whoever plays the ~20 games that Andersen won’t. – Ryan Hobart

For a look further back, check out our posts from Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. We’ll be back to close off the series next week!