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Report: Leafs to lose Leipsic to Vegas Golden Knights

This isn’t much of a surprise given how Toronto’s exposure list looked when released a couple days ago, but there are reports surfacing that they will be giving up Brendan Leipsic to the up-start Vegas Golden Knights in the expansion draft.

Darren Dreger is the first to get out ahead of this news, as the Vegas roster continues to be disclosed throughout the day. [By the time we get to the Awards show, there might not be any secrets left.]

Again, this is entirely unsurprising. With Toronto opting to protect Matt Martin and Josh Leivo, the only real players with value left exposed were Leipsic, Kerby Rychel, and Martin Marincin. With Leipsic just finishing his Age 22 year, still young among AHL forwards and seeming to present the most upside, he was always the frontrunner to be claimed. Marincin, somewhat of a veteran, likely didn’t move the needle enough for the Knights based on how many other defencemen they can bring into the fold.

Leipsic was originally brought to the Leafs via trade for Cody Franson back in 2015. Since then he’s played parts of three seasons with the Marlies, registering 124 in 141 games-played. He was ranked 12th in our pre-season Leafs prospects rankings.

This move, or rather the allowance of it to happen, is sure to ruffle feathers among a lot of Toronto supporters. Leipsic appeared to be NHL-ready and had put up such strong numbers in the minors, dropping him for nothing to keep tough guy Matt Martin has been a point of contention among the base. For me personally, it’s hard to be totally heartbroken about losing Leipsic, as Toronto has a lot going for them on the wing anyway, but small questionable moves like this do hint at poor overall process, so it’s understandable as to why this could cause some uneasiness.

  • Peachy

    Hard to get worked up about this. Even if Martin was exposed, they were going to lose Leipsic or Rychel. I don’t see a massive difference between them, and the Leafs probably didn’t either.

  • The Russian Rocket

    I’m disappointed Lou couldn’t make a deal to keep Leipsic. He’s going to hit the 45-50 point range as a rookie this year. Mark it down. I was hoping we’d flip JVR for a Dman (Dumba/Manson) and push LV toward another prospect.

    • FlareKnight

      Will gladly mark that down. I don’t think there’s a chance he hits 50 points as a rookie. We need to forget the superstar rookie performances we’ve seen from our top rookies. That isn’t normal. If Leipsic surpasses Brown’s 36 points in his rookie year that will be impressive.

    • ACLeafs

      Since LW Hyman, JVR, Komarov, Martin, Leivo and RW Nylander, Marner, Brown, Kapanen, Soshnikov. Leipsic was probably getting trade or lost on waivers and most likely wasn’t playing with the leafs this coming year anyways.

  • Maximum Taco

    Other teams are losing roster players. It’s pretty great that Leipsic is the best player we can lose. We may have even lost him next season as he’s no longer waiver exempt. Enjoy him Vegas! Hope he breaks your line up.

  • DukesRocks

    I get the feeling we’ll see a trade with LV for a dman. Hopefully, we don’t have to give up our 1st round pick. I think it’s possible for Lou to do a bulk deal, where he gives up multi-talented prospects to acquire a top 4 D. Maybe a 4 or 5 for 1 deal. I would start with Brown and Sosh, because I feel Kapanen can take Brown’s place on the Kadri line. If you add Leipsic and Rychel, that will give LV 4 guys that can step in and take a roster spot at the same time moves 4 contracts out. I would then sprinkle in Marincin or Marchenko.

    Now I’m sure some people will be upset I mentioned Brown but I feel Kapanen needs a line that’s not the 4th and we also have Leivo that needs to ice time. If you don’t agree with the players I inserted, that’s fine also. There are plenty of inserts like, Gauthier, Bracco, Timashov, Johnson etc.

  • Drapes55

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather the Leafs not lose any players to LV but losing a guy who will only ever be a fringe top 6 winger at best and maybe max out at 50 pts a year is not a huge loss for the Leafs. Leipsic is a good prospect but losing him is not going to hurt the Leafs long term. Don’t forget the Leafs have guys like Bracco, Johnson, Timashov, Dzierkals, Korshkov, Grundstrom etc… I think the Leafs will be fine.

  • FlareKnight

    Not surprising. The Leafs didn’t have amazing options available for them to pick from. Best of luck to him in Vegas.

    In the end there really wasn’t a spot for him. It was losing him here, via waivers, or trying to get something via trade. Still sucks to lose a guy seemingly ready for nothing. But that’s the expansion draft. The Leafs roster that wowed us this season is not impacted by this event and that’s a great thing.

  • STAN

    The Leafs system is brimming with forwards talent and the D-pot is getting bigger and better each month. Leispic’s loss will easily be forgotten in about six months. Now, lets try to get Colin Miller.

  • Gary Empey

    Breaking: Huge rumors of a three-way trade with Vegas, Boston and Toronto…..TSN senior writer Frank Seravalli is reporting that the Maple Leafs may be looking at Bruins defenseman Collin Miller although how the three parties would come together to make that a reality is still unclear at this time.