TLN Roundtable: Offseason wishlist

Trades today, roster freeze tomorrow, expansion draft through Monday, real draft next weekend, and then free agency. It’s the best part of the offseason. There’s hope. Hope for all (except the Canucks).

For us, this will be the time when the Leafs likely lay down their biggest attempts at improving a club knocking on the door of contention. We don’t know how that will look, but we all have our opinions on what they should do. Or, put another way, what we’d try to do.

So with that in mind, the question to our contributors this week was very simple: “Give a list of 3-5 moves you want to see the Leafs attempt to pull off in the next two weeks.”

There isn’t any strict format to these lists, and some might have a level of cheekiness sprinkled in. Feel free to drop your own in the comments.

Scott Maxwell

  • Do not protect Matt Martin
  • Sign Shattenkirk to a 2 year deal (maximum of $7 million AAV)
  • Sign Thornton to a 2 year deal (maximum of $6.5 million AAV)
  • Sign and trade for Kovalchuk, but only if his contract is short term and relatively cheap (1-2 years, $6.5-7 million max AAV), and trading for him doesn’t cost a first
  • Trade Bozak (only if necessary)

Adam Laskaris

  • Trade Bozak and a pick for Galchenyuk
  • Draft a D-man who’s got high upside but stock fell
  • Name Auston captain
  • Trade one of Leivo or Leipsic for a pick
  • Turn down a Phaneuf trade offer from OTT

Dylan Fremlin

  • Trade Bozak and move William to C
  • Trade for Pysyk
  • Draft Brannstrom or Suzuki
  • Definitely don’t protect Matt Martin

Ryan Hobart

  • Sign Shattenkirk
  • Trade for and sign Kovalchuk
  • Trade Bozak for whatever you can get
  • Sign a couple young goalies to fill the AHL, promote Sparks to backup, walk away from Bibeau

Evan Presement

  • Don’t protect Martin in exp. draft
  • Find a way to pry Galchenyuk out of MTL (hopefully they like Bozak)
  • Sign Shattenkirk to 2 year deal at ~8.5 mil
  • Draft one of Brannstrom, Suzuki, or Yamamoto
  • Somehow get Josh Manson from ANA

Ian Tulloch

  • Trade for one of Manson/Pysyk/Demers
  • Draft Suzuki/Pettersson/Yamamoto/Liljegren/Brannstrom 17th overall
  • Pursue a solid backup goaltender in free agency (ie. Mason, Elliott)
  • Sign an undervalued UFA defenseman (Brendan Smith, Brian Campbell, Cody Franson)

Ryan Fancey

  • Trade futures for Pysyk
  • Sign Thornton 1 year x 7.5 million
  • Trade Bozak for futures
  • Sign Shattenkirk for 2 years x 8.5 million
  • Sign Boyle to 2 years x 3 million

Jeff Veillette

  • Trade Gardiner + 1st for Seabrook
  • Sign Girardi 1 x 2.5
  • Trade Rielly+Carrick for Gudbranson
  • Sign Alzner 8 x 5.5
  • Sign Russell 4 x 4.5
  • Send Zaitsev back to Russia where he belongs

[Editor’s note: If anyone from the Leafs is reading this, please let Jeff’s list also serve as his application for employment with MLSE.]

  • Joe Robb from Burlington

    – Trade Matthews for McDavid + a first rounder
    – Find a way to get P.K. Subban out of Nashville
    – Trade Bozak for Galchenyuk
    – Trade Marchenko for Vlasic
    – Sign Dan Girardi for 8 x 8


    – Sign Patrick Marleau (I’d go as high as 6m over 2 years and play him with Matthews and Nylander.)

    – Sign Brian Boyle (2x3m would be my limit, though.)

    – Trade a package of Leivo, Valiev, Rychel, Leipsic, etc. to Vegas for RHD Colin Miller (He’s better than Pysyk and those dumbasses in Boston are going to most likely leave him exposed in the Expansion Draft.)

    – Draft the BPA at the Draft with the 17th pick. Liljegren would be nice. I also like Foote, Hague, Vesalainen, Thomas, Poehling, Andersson… Lots of good options potentially available in that range.

  • Stan Smith

    I simply can’t believe how many “experts” want the Leafs to abandon the Shanaplan, hire a bunch of overpaid, overage players, and go for it now, a move that can only have disastrous long term effects.

    I also don’t understand why people want the Leafs to go after Galchenyuk, a player that skates slower than Polak, and has been an enigma in Montreal. Everytime I watch him play I am underwhelmed.

    • Glen

      Agreed, that move has been pulled by previous Leafs management for years with devastating results. Here’s hoping Shanahan and Lou keep a steady hand on the plan and ignore all the outside noise.