Mitch Marner, big three star in new NHL 18 promotional material

Is this the year where we see a Toronto Maple Leafs player on the cover of an EA Sports game? I’m still betting on no, but that doesn’t mean that the blue and white aren’t going to be used in marketing. The BC-based video game giants released their first teaser for their upcoming NHL 18, and it features a familiar face embarrassing familiar rivals….

As someone who has scored many breakaways with his 94 overall Team of the Year card in Ultimate Team, I’m always down for any Marner-based video game propaganda. Maybe one day we’ll see him, William Nylander or Auston Matthews become the face of the digital franchise. Heck, if the background on the official website this morning is any indication…

EA Sports will be doing a full reveal of their new game on June 21st at the NHL awards.

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