Photo Credit: @bubbaitattoos on instagram

Auston Matthews gets lion wearing crown tattooed on himself

While more than one Leafs fan already has a permanent reminder Auston Matthews is a Maple Leaf, Matthews himself felt the need to let the world know how he sees himself: as a lion, and also as a king.

Via Bubba Irwin, a tattoo artist located right in Scottsdale, Arizona:

It is not, in fact, Matthews’ only tattoo.  Via tumblr, it appears he’s got some ink on his clavicle already, though it’s much less in detail than the lion.

Personally, I like it. It’s got a cool mindset attached to it, is a quality piece of work, and maybe Auston just really really likes the Lion King. It’s fun, it’s spunky, and the kid is 19. There are far worse tattoos he could be getting.

Here’s how the internet (or a very small segment of it, anyway) reacted to the “news”:

It’s a little over 3000 hours until the Leafs play meaningful hockey again. You can do it guys, I promise!

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