Report: “The window is closed” on Kyle Dubas heading to the Colorado Avalanche

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not the end of the world.

After originally reporting earlier this week that Leafs assistant GM Kyle Dubas was holding talks with Colorado (likely to become their GM or at least some sort of promotion), Elliotte Friedman today said that’s not likely the case. On a Sportsnet 960 Calgary Radio hit, via Fan Rag Sports, Friedman said:

“I believe the window is closed. I don’t think he’ll be going. And I believe that Toronto closed the window. That initially they were willing to let him go, and then they weren’t. And so I think that’s kind of where it stands here.

“It’s an interesting situation. There was some pushback from Colorado at the beginning in saying that it wasn’t accurate and it didn’t happen. And I think that it’s possible that there were people in Colorado who didn’t know that it had happened.

It’s the most Leafs fan thing ever to overreact about the possibility of losing an assistant general manager, but it’s easy to say he’s already one of the most well respected in the league.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Dubas would jump at the chance to run his own team. That being said, a little or big part of him has to want to see out this project to completion, as he’s only seen glimpses of how good the roster he helped construct. For now, all we have is speculation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Dubas will be with the organization forever, but it’s nice to keep him around for at least a little while longer.

  • It must be awesome being Elliotte. Chuck out some ambivalent weasel words as insight and insider info and given that he is far less dumb than the average hockey commenter, referent power and citations.

  • Will Murray

    I wonder how the process works for a team to withdraw permission. It doesn’t seem it got far enough to be an issue of haggling over compensation – if any were in the offing in the first place. Maybe a time issue where Toronto gave Colorado a set period to talk to him? Or maybe the Leafs felt it was a lateral move rather than a step up? In any event, better to have Dubas here, than not, I suppose.

  • Glen

    It is hard for a fan to know just how big a part of the inside operation of the Leafs Dubas is now and what his standing is with Shanahan. Do they see him as a future GM or not. Because of that I find it hard to have any reaction to this story.

  • Gary Empey

    I feel the hardest part of an assistant GM’s job is likely learning how to negotiate good contracts. There are so many ways a contract can end up a big boondoggle for both parties. Arbitration and hold outs to name a couple. I believe the full effect of the salary cap has taken some time for GM’s to get a clear picture of it. It should be very interesting to see how negotiations play out with McDavid, Tavares, Draisaitl, and Eichel this year. I have heard the media speculating McDavid would get $12.5 million for 8 years. The thing is can teams really afford those types of contracts and expect to be able to compete for the cup. They will have to fill in the rest of the team with underpaid good players if they can find players willing to do that. We have our own ELC’s coming just around the corner. It is far easier for us LeafNation fans to wave our hand and say things like ” I would give him $2.75 Million over six years and not a penny more.” What I have seen from Lamoriello so far has impressed me with the fair market value contracts he has signed on behalf of the Leafs. In my opinion no one seems to be overpaid or underpaid. I realize other fans will have different opinions on what each player’s fair market value is. ELC’s are in a different category. If Dubas was to stay and learn that aspect of the job well, I think he would become a tremendous assets to the future of the Leafs. I am sure most of us remember in the past where we seen good players simply allowed to walk away and other players sign to contracts that ended up becoming an albatross around our neck. Lou has moved most of these type of contracts out and has not signed any news ones. Yet still the team’s future looks bright and rosy.