The Leafs Geeks Podcast – The Babcast with Prashanth Iyer

This week Prashanth Iyer from Hockey Graphs & Winging It Motown joins the show to break down the Babcock effect. Here are some of the topics we touch on:

2:45 – Adapting the system to his players.
14:15 – Getting everyone to buy in.
23:46 – Admitting that he has flaws.
37:16 – Giving his top pairing extremely tough competition.
47:15 – Always having one “sandpaper” player on a line (the Zach Hyman role).

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  • MartinPolak

    I don’t think Babcock has flaws. Really it comes down to what yard stick you are measuring him by. For example, if you measure him by individual player puck possession (CF%) then you will see those players are a problem. However, if you take a more holistic look at the team performance with match ups, usage and wins then you will come to see that babcock got much more from the leafs then what was to be expected.

    That is, with babock the whole is greater then then sum of the parts. Aristotle knew it and so does Babcock. Analytics on the other hand by its nature of breaking hockey into its parts will miss these synergies.