The Leafs continue to dominate the World Championship

One fun thing about the World Championship is that you can watch some hockey during the middle of the day when you undoubtedly have better things to do.

Mitch Marner and William Nylander don’t have better things to do, because it’s literally their job.

Things do start to get serious now as the round robin ended today.

Quarterfinal matchups were announced as Canada takes on Germany, while Switzerland (including Leafs propsect Fabrice Herzog) will take on Sweden.

For now, we get to enjoy today’s highlights.

Today, both Marner and Nylander continued what has been a fantastic World Championship for the two of them in victories for their respective countries.

Mitch did this:

And this:

And also, this:

Oh and he scored another goal, doing this:

And that was only the first period!

Marner then was the victim of a rogue high stick… which caught him clean in the teeth. A new look for him, hey?

Unsurprisingly, Marner won player of the game in a 5-2 win for Canada.
Meanwhile, William Nylander was playing before most of us even woke up today, contributing this pretty effort in a 4-2 win over the Slovaks for the game’s opening goal.

God, what a pair of players to have as your second and third-best forwards.

  • Gary Empey

    Here is what coach Jon Cooper said about Mitch. “He oozes with confidence and hockey sense and skill.”
    “You give him the puck in the open ice and you sit there and think he’s got one of three options, then he invents option four, five and six. It’s impressive to watch him play.”