TLN Monday Mailbag: May 15th

You know what my favourite thing is about Monday? If you guessed the mailbag, you are absolutely wrong. The mailbag is okay, but my favourite thing is definitely getting a new Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. I love finding new music to listen to. That’s what gets me awake at the start of my weekday.

The mailbag is alright too, I guess. That’s why I’m still here chipping away at it. Let’s see what we’ve got this week!

I think it’s likely in everyone’s best interests to get it done now. Both sides are aware that they’re dictating the price on a heck of a player. The Leafs can safely assume that he’ll continue to grow, and as such, they won’t want to take the risk on that continuing curve leading to a bigger demand in a year. Nylander could hold out, but he’d also be running the risk of an injury or a cold stick crashing him back down.

I doubt we get to August without it being done. It wouldn’t be wrong of either side to wait, but it just seems to be the right situation.

There probably isn’t a 1:1 replacement of him, but if we’re willing to settle for the AliExpress equivalent of James van Riemsdyk stylistically, you’re probably looking at Kerby Rychel. The 22-year-old has been excellent in this calendar year for the Marlies, and brings the same net front presence that JVR has, right down to the smooth hands. He’d likely need some grooming and experience to have a chance of totally equaling his counterpart, but he’d do so at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, he can fight. I like fighters who can legitimately play and save the fisticuffs for when they’re necessary.

I’d say Calle Rosen is the most “exciting” of the Vaxjo defencemen on the radar, but I’m not 100% sure if that’s saying a lot. He’s 23 years old and isn’t completely dominating the SHL, which is what you’d hope for at his age if you want him to be an impact player in the NHL one day.

He’s likely to be useful, cost-effective depth, and anything else would be a bonus. The odds of Toronto finding another Nikita Zaitsev calibre “veteran rookie” out of Europe this year are unlikely.

It’s so hard to gauge, and I’d prefer not to try. Brown looks poised to be a strong middle sixer for years to come and it’s very likely that thanks to his single year of NHL experience at his age, he’ll get signed for multiple years at less than his contributing value. Brown is a guy you move after the cap crunch happens and they need another deal; not before.

Mine are definitely better. Though today, I’d comfortably say that he has the better hair. Usually, we put up a good fight against each other there (save for the incident), but mine is particularly floofy today. I could’ve used one of his pomade lessons before leaving the house.

Wait, what are we talking about?

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  • Gary Empey

    Re- “Calle Rosen and Holm”… We will have to wait to see what sort of contract these two guys sign. I was as surprised as most folks as these guys were not on anyone’s radar. It is unlikely Babcock and Lou are over there looking for prospects to join and develop on the Marlies. These two guys have a few years of professional hockey played in the Swedish League. It is more likely Babcock sees them on the bottom six pairings. We have been clamoring for faster, more skilled guys on the bottom pairings. They fit the age profile for the rebuild. There are probably four job openings on defence Polak’s, Hunwick’s, Marincin’s, and Alexey Marhenko’s. With Holm and Rosen signing, either resigning Polak or a trade. It still leaves room to and bring up one D-man from the Marlies. It could be our next years look. It is hard to see these two players leaving Sweden to come play for a couple of years with the Marlies. I could be totally wrong here.