Who’s gonna do the hockey? TLN Predicts the conference Finals

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re rushing to get out of your job. Or you don’t have a job and you argue about hockey on the internet. Or you do have a job, and do that anyway.

I honestly have no clue why you would even care about these, besides maybe Dom’s because he used a lot of math to come to his conclusion. Seriously, it’s a bunch of random folks online throwing darts at a prediction board.

Adam “me” Laskaris Penguins in 5 Predators in 6
Jeff! Veillette Penguins in 5 Predators in 6
Bobby Cappuccino Penguins in 6 Predators in 7
Even Presement Penguins in 5 Predators in 7
Jessica Pincente 🤘🏼 Senators in 7 Predators in 7
Ian “Podcast” Tulloch
Penguins in 5 Predators in 6
Dylan “Last name rhymes with Gremlin” Fremlin Penguins in 6 Predators in 7
Scott “Hot Rod” Maxwell Penguins in 5 Ducks in 7
Ryan “Frank” Fancey
Senators in 6 Predators in 7
Dominik “Nerd” Luszczyszyn
Penguins in 5 Predators in 6
Sam “Kemosabe” Blazer
Penguins in 6 Predators in 6
Ryan “/r/leafs” Hobart
Penguins in 6 Ducks in 5
Cam “Fran’s Nielsen fanboy” Lewis
Senators in 7 Predators in 6

Not a whole lot of Ducks love… sorry, Randy. And Korbinian Holzer, who somehow still kind of has a hockey-playing job sometimes.

There are many better things you could do with your time today than read this post, but hey, you got to the end of it! Congrats!

Now, there’s only one question left?


(I think @MikeFAIL invented that line).

  • Chelmsford Leafs

    I remember through the season varies writers on this site saying that the Sens were in a false position and will soon drop off. Conference finals – anyone going to man-up and say “yes, got that one wrong”

    • Gary Empey

      I will go this far…..All the writers who use analytics were dead wrong about Ottawa. Even those who use the eye test have been waiting for the Senators to fall back to earth. To quote a Buffalo Bills fan I once heard on WGR radio. “Doug Flutie is garbage. All he can do is win”.

  • MartinPolak

    jeffler is criminally underrated online and especially on twitter. he is sort of like ovi of the capitals, he takes too much negativity despite putting up near best in league numbers.