WWYDW: Would you make a push for one of the Stars’ goalies?

The Leafs goaltending this past season may not have been seen as a major strength, but it was far from an issue.

Though Jhonas Enroth started the past year in a rough way and subsequently was booted from the lineup, he was aided by some very strong play from Frederik Andersen down the stretch in his first season as a Leaf.

With uncertainty throughout the system if one of the Marlies’ tenders can step it up, the Leafs have to explore their options as the offseason is now in full swing.

Curtis McElhinney is currently an unrestricted free agent and while most probably wouldn’t mind him on a one-year deal, there are definitely other options to be exploring for the Leafs as a backup goaltender.

Yesterday, the Dallas Stars made some waves (and turned a few heads) when they decided to make a push for former Tampa Bay Lightning, Ottawa Senators and most recently Los Angeles Kings netminder Ben Bishop. Though Bishop is an UFA heading into this offseason, it’s believed he’s around the corner from signing a longer-term deal with the Stars.

So today’s question is, would you consider making a move for one of the Stars’ current goalies in Antti Niemi or Kari Lehtonen?

(Note: both of them are signed for another year at 4.5M, for Niemi and 5.9M, for Lehtonen.)

What would you give up or propose? Does it even mean anything with the expansion draft moving forward?

Leave your comments below and argue amongst yourselves.

  • BigRigM

    As a $1M backup, maybe. Any more than that, pass. Freddie did just fine once he got over the pre-season injury and McElhinney level back ups/fringe starters will be available in the off season, as always.

  • Daniel

    Yes I would. Maybe if Vegas doesn’t take Fehr. Trade Fehr for Niemi, adds an extra 2.5 million to the cap. One year, no big deal. But I’d want Jamie Oleksiak thrown in. For some reason, I think he would be a perfect #3 LHD.

    • Harte of a Lion

      If Boyle doesn’t re-sign, Fehr becomes the 4C next season barring a trade or F/A signing. They should sign Igor Bobkov as their backup for next season. He is 6’6, 235 lbs and was originally drafted by the Ducks , 3rd round in 2009. The 26 year old started 34 games in the KHL for Admiral Vladivostok with a 2.04 GAA and a 932 SVS%. I haven’t seen him play but his scouting reports are positive. If we can find a goalie to star in 25-30 games a year, Andersen will be fresh for the post season.

  • MartinPolak

    That’s lots of money for a position that an UFA can fill more cheaply and with comparable to better results. In a trade dallas would bribe us to take that contract, though I’m not sure what they have to make it worth while. They might offer a 2nd round pick but I’m not sure it great use of cap space. Prospect wise, Honka is off limits and after that they have a few possible wingers or centers but not much on defence. I don’t think this makes sense.

  • Gary Empey

    I don’t see much interest in acquiring one of the Star’s goalies. We already have a #1 who we are happy with. Curtis McElhinney did a reasonable job for us as a backup. Unless there is another backup out there who is better than McElhinney at around the same price, I don’t see much point of making a change.

    • Espo

      That said, after McElhinney’s second half, he’ll probably be looking for more than league min from the Leafs next year.
      If Dallas eats half of Niemi’s salary it could be worth while. 2.25 for a cup winning back up might be worth giving up a 4th to make up what they gave LA for Bishop

  • I would hope the Leafs do a non-hockey trade to flex the financial muscle of MLSE to take on awful salary from a cap team in exchange for picks/prospects/roster while they have salary cap space before the rookies need new contracts.

  • Max I’m paying for a backup is 2.25mil. It’s very hard to get a tendy for 1M, much less a quality one. We saw how good Enroth was for 750K. McElhinney was good at 800K, but we also got some luck out of him by taking him off waivers. Signing a goalie for that is not always realiable. I’m not particularity apt to spend the almost 10M, possibly even more on a goalie tandem when we all know Andersen will be playing minimum 60 games, barring any injuries.

  • Depending on how much money the leafs have after resigning Brown Hyman and hopefully
    Boyle and a couple others, I think it would be great to take a goalie and a pick or two from Dallas so that they can sign bishop. Next year feels like the last year we should be squeezing all the picks we can out of our cap, then it clears up and we gotta start locking in the core. Niemi or Lehtonen would be fine on the bench playing 20ish games next year I think, and if they can’t even do that then bury em and call up sparkie

  • lukewarmwater

    I do think the leafs have to really be careful in the off season in getting a solid back up goalie as Enroth was a bust and Curtis played reasonably well.