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Mitch Marner turns 20 today!

Four days after his buddy Willie Nylander turned 21, Mitch Marner turned 20 today. (Auston Matthews’ birthday is in September, FWIW. If you wanna read about his year and can’t wait that long, here’s a good recap.)

20 is the worst birthday of your young years, IMO. You can still do everything you could at 19, but nothing new. At least, I think so? Mitch Marner will probably have a wild birthday party of some kind, which will include a morning skate and his first ever world championship game.

Do you care about that? Maybe not. Do you wanna read some #content from the best and brightest at TheLeafsNation.com about him? Sure you do, pal!

Here’s a bunch of our best work on the Leafs’ second youngest player. (He’s the second youngest, and arguably the second best. Auston Matthews is the youngest and the clear best player on the team. Isn’t that incredible?)

When we really hoped that he’d drop to us: (Well, some of us did).

Mitch Marner vs. Dylan Strome

Where we also hoped he’d drop to us:

The Case for Drafting Mitchell Marner

When the Leafs finally took him:

Toronto Drafts Mitchell Marner With 4th Overall Pick

When he was originally the Leafs’ #1 prospect:

TLN Prospect Profile #1: Mitch Marner

When he scored six goals in two games (in junior but still):

Mitch Marner Scores Second Hat Trick in Second Straight Day

When he was the only forward on Canada who felt like trying in the third period against Finland at the WJC:

WJC Canada Postgame: Marner’s two third-period goals not enough as Canada crashes out of tournament

When he broke junior hockey last year:

Mitch Marner wins Memorial Cup MVP, sweeps the silverware

When he got bumped to #2 on the list, only because of, you know, Auston Matthews.



When he made the team:

Mitch Marner is a Toronto Maple Leaf

When he did the thing by himself:

Mitch Marner named NHL Rookie of the month in January

When he did the thing with his buds:

Matthews, Marner, Nylander a historic NHL rookie trio

And finally, this idiotic yet brilliant April Fools’ Day joke:

Mitch Marner to be assigned to OHL’s London Knights on Saturday

Mitch Marner is a Toronto Maple Leaf. I’m loving it, you’re loving it, but more than both of us combined, he is loving it. And isn’t that just the best part about this whole ordeal?

  • Robert

    The best part of this is reading the comments from the previous articles you linked to. It’s amazing how different our perspective of this team is just the 2 years since Marner was on our radar. That Marner vs Strome debate is hilarious now. Marner 1 year after draft=top 5 rookie in a record breaking rookie year, Strome still playing in jr. Thank you Phoenix!!!!

      • Gary Empey

        I don’t know if it was ever posted on here before, Mich’s older brother Chris stopped growing a 22 years of age. Chris ended up being 6 foot 2. So those rumours we hear about Mich growing another inch this year are likely true.
        HockeyDB now has him listed as Height 6.00 — Weight 170. How accurate that is anybodies guess.