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William Nylander turns 21 today! Let’s celebrate

If there’s any way that William Nylander would want you to celebrate his birthday, it’d be by reading great content about him on TheLeafsNation.com. No, seriously, that’s all this post is: a self-pat on the back for a few of the cool things about this generation’s best Swedish forward we’ve written on this site.

Here’s a few of our top posts about him:


This is the best thing we’ve ever published about anyone. Hat tip to Megan Kim for this one.

TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: #3 William Nylander

This article (and others like it) spawned the great Marner vs. Nylander debate, which the two of them put to bed this season when they both finished with 61 points.

William Nylander’s Incredible Power Play Performance

The always wonderful Jonathan Willis popped by to talk up how good Willie was on the PP this year.


Here was a bold prediction from Jeff Veillette that didn’t come true, but he did remain on pace for it before getting injured. Shooters shoot.

William Nylander and The Beautiful Game

Here’s William Nylander silencing the haters.

William Nylander’s time will not come, for it is already here

Here’s yet another bold prediction from Jeff! (He does that a lot, hey?)

Trading William Nylander is not the answer

Here’s JetsNation managing editor coming by to say “Yeah, don’t trade that beautiful boy.”

William Nylander to represent Sweden at World Championships

And here’s what Willie’s up to right now.

If you wanna waste some more time at work/school/home/wherever, here’s a great GIF thread from our own Dylan Fremlin:

It’s been a fun three years seeing Nylander grow from a baby-faced teen into a baby-faced 21-year old. Let’s continue that with 21 more years of Nylander being a Leaf, shall we?