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  • al m

    Thanks, I really enjoy your breakdowns 🙂
    As well as stating what actually happened, you present the negative and positive, while sharing emotions we all hold 🙂

    Saying this, and I realize it may be a lot more work (Worth it to show quick examples maybe), but would adding a couple of replays (embedded while you speak of them) in the corner or something with your vids, help hit home with what you are speaking to?

    I’m not sure this will work, or maybe even take away from the great presentation, but I was thinking how relevant it would be…if only a quick glimpse to drive home your point.

    I’ll also contend that you are amazing for the fan base, and if you are in the Toronto area, and do not have complimentary season tickets, then Shanahan and company are doing one thing wrong.
    A team can’t pay enough to have someone like you supplying opinions of Leaf games.

    Thanks for reading.
    Again, I’m a big fan of what you do 🙂
    Go Leafs Go~!