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LEAFS POSTGAME: Oh Kappy, My Kappy

Blue Warrior

This dime a dozen player.

See You At Game 3

Monday at 7PM.

  • lukewarmwater

    To quote the great Shakespeare actor Daniel Bryan along with another fine actor whose best performance was in Harry meets Sally, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES. So let me see young Mr. Kapanen who we gained for Phil the floater Kessel scored the gold medal winning goal for Finland, scored the key goal against Pittsburgh to help the leafs get into the playoffs and tonight scores the third goal and the game winning o.t. goal. Welcome to the N.H.L. Mr. clutch Kapanen.
    Btw one of the clown broadcasters out here in God’s country parroted out the clueless line that Kapanen would likely be a fringe N.H.L. player. This from your typical Canucklehead broadcaster who didn’t have a clue about this kid who is just another of the long list of exciting, talented, entertaining, ever improving, dynamic young Maple Leafs that other teams could only wish they had developing on their team.
    Yesiree the leafs definitely in the head of Washington. The Capitals are reminding me of the talented Raptor team which is psyched out in game one of playoff series.
    Now Frederick thank you for another superb performance. Yes I ragged on him about the soft o.t. goal but tonight he was clutch in a long o.t. session. Back home to the leaf barn where even the platinum blonde, sushi eating, selfie stick taking crowd will be wild and crazy. I’ve often talked about the leaf journey up Mount Everest as they still have a significant way to climb up the base camps. But baby after tonight’s thrilling o.t. victory they just climbed up to a higher base camp. GO LEAFS GO GO LEAFS GO.

  • MartinPolak

    You should at least mention Polak. And you know, you should really bad for slamming, belittling and making fun of Polak all season when he did exactly what Babcock wanted. The guy gave everything to the team and probably a career ending injury especially at his age. I hope you take it to heart because this really sucks for him and I am not cool with how poorly you have talked about his contributions all season.

  • Gary Empey

    There’s nothing quite as nice,
    As playing hockey on the ice.

    I expect a few beers will be consumed tonight. What I like about Kapanen is if you give him a chance to score a big goal he buries it. Not everyone can do that.

  • al m

    Anderson and Hyman were beasts. Mathews was very good, not great. Rielly and Gardiner were amazing, Polak will be missed, Babcock did some really smart line juggling at crucial times, and, well, everyone brought their A game and understand what it’s going to take to win…and this series is just getting started.
    Bring on game 3…

  • FlareKnight

    Huge win. Credit to the Leafs. They’ve played well over 2 games and most definitely deserve the split.

    Kapanen was huge. Just knows how to score big goals and doesn’t let the moment phase him. Won the faceoff on that play and put it in. A hero moment, no doubt.

  • DukesRocks

    What a game…. I loved how Boyle waited and waited for the play to develop on the winning goal. Freddy was great and the reason we won. I’m not liking the officiating on both games, some questionable calls against the Leafs in my opinion. All the pressure is on the Caps and hopefully, the Leafs take full advantage of this and not let up.

  • Drapes55

    This kid is going to score a ton of big goals in his career. He seems to have that Justin Williams game 7 vibe to him. Also games like this are why the Leafs spent the extra pick to get a guy like Boyle. His experience in situations like this are priceless and definitely payed dividends tonight as observed with the pass on the game winner tonight. This is a brand new series, I always thought this Capitals losing mentality when it comes to the playoffs was just a myth but I’m starting to believe it now. There’s just some weird vibe from this team that radiates fear and doubt in the playoffs, it’s weird but I can’t say I hate it

  • Glen

    If Freddy cost us the last game he won us this one! Just a super game for all especially “dime a dozen”, this guy comes to play. Button is supposed to be a scout?

  • Brent Wisken

    Kapanen is such a big time gamer. Morphing into Captain Clutch. Super fast, skilled and gritty. Rielly and Gardiner had great games once again. Hope people are noticing. Andersen was outstanding. I can see Kapanen getting more minutes next year as he progresses.

  • Dime a Dozen as a phrase is far more applicable to the people who comment on athletes than the athletes themselves. Given the intellectual wasteland that is “hockey expert” dime a dozen is generous.