TLN Monday Mailbag: April 3rd

Welp, this is the week. Just behind Boston, just ahead of Ottawa and Tampa and the pesky cusp squadrons. Nerd sites with probability on high. Are you hyped? Panicked? Or just ready to ride the wave?

Honestly, I’m pretty chill. But there’s some time to kill until puck-drop, so let’s reach into the mailbag.

The Bruins are no doubt a tougher opponent than the Senators. Ottawa seems to be in a bit of a tailspin right now, which is unsurprising considering that they spent nearly a full season getting outshot and calling it a defensive system. The Bruins have been fancystat darlings all year and now the points are coming too.

Terrified, though? I don’t know. Firstly, just getting in is mission accomplished at this point; any wins in the playoffs are found money for this team. But to add to that, the Leafs did sweep the season series. It’s not like they’ve got issues with Boston, unless you’re worried that a bunch of players who weren’t in the league yet would have 2013 flashbacks.

If we’re being honest about this entire thing, you have to start Andersen on Sunday. Not because going back-to-back is wise; we know the numbers hint that gassing out a goalie like that usually leads to a weaker performance, but solely because this going all the way to Sunday would imply a collapse of some sorts, and you’d want the core to see their created mess through.

It doesn’t matter. This is a two-fold answer; Matthews could be 20 points clear and Jets fans will still be yelling “Laine better”, and no matter what happens, the argument is pointless. I think Matthews is the better all-around player of the two, and that it’s not even all that close, but it’s irrelevant. Both teams have what they have now, and if we’re being honest, they’re both game-breaking talents that fit their team’ respective systems.

Let’s just enjoy what we’ve got and get simultaneously excited.

You bet.

The Leafs are actually good. See you at Game 3. Or Game 1. I can’t keep track these days, thanks to those pesky Bruins and Sens.