Implications Update: March 26th

We’re a little late for the afternoon games, but there’s still time to take a look at how tonight’s schedule impacts the Leafs. Let’s dive in!

Games That Don’t Matter At All

The Red Wings beat the Wild 3-2 in overtime today. That’s funny in its own right, though, seeing it probably lessen’s Detroit’s lottery odds. Probably helps the Leafs if their rebuild takes a bit longer.

The Stars are in the midst of facing the Devils. As of writing, it’s 0-0.

The Rangers take on the Ducks at 9:00 PM. We know the Rangers are likely facing the Habs in the first round, so any cheering tonight would either be anti-Ducks for the sake of Carlyle spite, or pro-Ducks for the sake of making the path to a better conditional pick for Jonathan Bernier a bit easier.

Games That Don’t Matter Much

Jets/Canucks is at 8:00 PM. This has less than zero implication in the standings for Toronto. If you care about the rookie scoring race, though, you want a quiet night out of Patrick Laine.

Penguins/Flyers is at 7:00 PM. Besides watching Frankie and Phil, a Penguins win could help further nail in the coffin for Philadelphia in the chase.


Game That Matters The Most

The Leafs don’t play today. If you’re thinking organizational, though, the Marlies could hop into a division lead with a regulation win over Syracuse tonight.