Implications Update: March 25th

The season is nearing a close, and the points matter more than ever. Not just in Leafs games, but in games surrounding them, just to be safe. With that in mind, we’ll spend the remaining days of the season keeping you in the loop on which games matter to the Leafs in the standings, and who to cheer for!

Games That Don’t Matter At All

  • Canucks vs. Wild at 2:00 PM. Nobody wants to watch the Canucks anyway.
  • Flames vs. Blues at 7:00 PM. This would’ve mattered more if we were still able to scout Kevin Shattenkirk.
  • Coyotes vs. Capitals at 7:00 PM. I suppose if you want to watch an 8-1 game…
  • Sharks vs. Predators at 8:00 PM. This should still be a fun game, either way.
  • Avalanche vs. Oilers at 10:00 PM. You should still watch this one, though. Connor rules.

Games That Don’t Matter Much

  • Flyers vs. Blue Jackets at 2:00 PM. The Flyers are close to out of it, sitting six points out of the last wildcard spot with nine games left to play. It would take some huge luck for them to squeak in. Columbus could deliver a huge blow to them if all goes well.
  • Hurricanes vs. Devils at 7:00 PM. The same goes here, except Carolina has an extra game in hand and an extra point. I really thought they’d be a playoff team this year. Maybe they still can be. They’ll need two tonight if they want that to be the case.
  • Rangers vs. Kings at 10:30 PM. I suppose this matters if the Leafs win the division and have to play the first wildcard seed, but I don’t think the Rangers are moving from that spot, up or down.

Games That Matter A Lot

  • Bruins vs. Islanders at 7:00 PM. You want the Islanders to win in regulation here. A three-point game would be a disaster, and while Boston winning isn’t the end of the world, you rather the team that can’t knock you out of the division seed be the one who gets wildcard footing.
  • Senators vs. Canadiens at 7:00 PM. Cheer for the Habs in this one. The division is still possible, but a huge reach to happen. Getting to second? Well, a Sens loss and Leafs win puts Toronto three points back. Getting home ice in a Toronto/Ottawa series would be pretty sweet.

Game That Matters The Most

  • Maple Leafs vs. Sabres at 7:00 PM. Want to keep the point gap going strong? Go get two more. Put it in your own hands. The Sabres aren’t great and they’re struggling right now, so go take advantage of that.