WWYDW: What would you do with Eric Fehr?


The Frank Corrado for Eric Fehr trade, or whatever you want to call it, was a relatively “meh” move for most Leafs fans. As the Lamoriello-era Leafs have proven, there’s no guarantee that acquisition of a player by the Toronto Maple Leafs equals that asset actually receiving playing time.

So far, Eric Fehr has played in 51 games this season for the Pittsburgh Penguins notching 11 points, and 0 for the Maple Leafs since being acquired. There’s been rumours of sending him down to the AHL, but nothing’s come to fruition yet.

Isn’t it a strange league where you can get playing time on the Penguins, but not the Leafs?

Fehr has proven himself as a capable if not spectacular NHLer. Among regular Leafs forwards, he’s put up more points than only Matt Martin and Nikita Soshnikov this season, both with 7. Does that warrant him a roster spot? Should the Leafs look to sit him out and deal him in the offseason? Play him on the first line? Use him as a backup goalie?

Or something else?

Leave your answers in the comments below.

  • Stan Smith

    I do believe the “trade” was Corrado for a 4th round pick. Fehr and Oleksy were what the Leafs needed to take off of the Pens hand to make the deal happen. WilI he ever play a game for the Leafs? If enough injuries happen, probably. If they don’t, probably not. I think the only thing we can safely say about Fehr is he will be left unprotected in the expansion draft.

    • Gary Empey

      Pittsburgh now has a little more money to spend. In essence the Leafs bought a 4th round pick from Pittsburgh. As that deal straight up would not likely be allowed by the NHL it was covered by a movement of players neither team felt was going to be part of their present or future. We did seem to be a little thin at center so as others have said we do have someone who can cover for an injury.

  • Fehr sits until a center is injured or if Boyle craps the bed, unlikely. He’s insurance for the playoffs, someone who’s been there before and is big. Also helps we can expose him to Vegas, dont give a damn weather they pick him tho, he’ll be in the AHL next year

  • Gary Empey

    Re- “you can get playing time on the Penguins, but not the Leafs?” Which center would you take out of the lineup? It is unfortunate that some veteran players will have their careers cut short. This is not really on the individual NHL teams. The reason for it is that the owners asked Gary Bettman, commissioner of the National Hockey League to implement a salary cap on themselves. One of the effects the cap has is younger cheaper players are now taking those jobs.

  • BigRigM

    Send Sosh to the Marlies so he can get his minutes up and help in the playoff push. Try Fehr on the wing with Martin and Boyle and then expose him AND Martin at the draft. Who cares which one goes. In an ideal world, Martin goes, you ride out the last year of Fehr, and you slightly overpay to resign Boyle so you have a quality vet on the roster. That is if any vet will sign with the Leafs again.