Penguins’ Eric Fehr, Steve Oleksy and 2017 4th round pick traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Frankie Corrado


(Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports)

A slow day for the Leafs meant a lot of people waiting for news to come down the pike. Now it looks like they have made a depth move. 

The Leafs have acquired Eric Fehr, Steve Oleksy and a 2017 fourth round pick from the Pittsburgh Penguins for Frankie Corrado

Fehr in the past has been a very good depth acquisition and normally helps out his teams. On the Penguins this year, he has been less than serviceable. His shot differential numbers aren’t great and his point output isn’t great either. 

The Leafs are up against the contract limit and wouldn’t be able to pick him up on waivers unless another move was made. This doesn’t necessarily alleviate that but it was part of a bigger deal. Getting a fourth round pick out of the deal is savvy.

Oleksy is a fine depth pick up and can fill in if needed. He did it plenty this year when with an injured Penguins team. 

Frankie Corrado has been a polarizing player in his time with the Leafs. He had a well known rift between himself and Babcock. Comments to the media were made and it made the relationship strained beyond repair.

As the Leafs try to make the playoffs, this helps them out across the board. They got a return on the Corrado investment and were able to solidify the team with some depth. It wasn’t an earth shattering move but it was a move that was needed. 

Not flashy but was needed if they want to get some NHL depth.

  • joekool

    At least they did Frankie a favour, although his chances of playing for the Penguins is pretty slim. As for the return, Okesky is fine as depth, as you say, but he’s 31 yrs old. The 4th pick has about a 15% chance of playing 100 games in the NHL, and perhaps a 25% chance of playing in the AHL. So not good odds. If Babs wasn’t so stubborn, Frankie might have worked out with the Leafs.

    • Draper55

      Corrado was never going to work out with the Leafs because he just wasn’t good enough, Period. There is no argument to be made about that. It wasn’t Babcock or Lou or anyone else’s fault that Corrado wasn’t good enough to play regular minutes for the Leafs. The Leafs got a great return for Corrado considering they got him for free off waivers and he wasn’t even playing for the big club.

      • Stan Smith

        I laugh when people question Babcock’s judgment of hockey talent. You have it absolutely correct Draper55. Babcock’s “stubbornness” in not playing Corrado is the fact that he judged he wasn’t good enough, period.

      • HockeyKeeperKit

        Would you say the same about someone like Brandon Leipsic. They are
        basically the same age (Corrado is one year older at a position that typically takes longer to perfect). Obviously Babcock doesn’t think he’s good
        enough, right?

        No, the obvious reason is that both players will likely play in the NHL, however, there just isn’t space there yet. Unlike Corrado, Leipsic’s development wasn’t stalled this year by sitting in the press box. Babcock could have helped the situation by at least playing him once every couple games. The problem is that Babcock’s concern isn’t development (I’m sure he cares, yes, but he cares more about winning).

        • Draper55

          Yes I would say Leipsic isn’t good enough to play in the NHL right now. Is he good, yes absolutely, but he still has allot of stuff to work on before he can considered an everyday NHLer. Sure Corrado had some bad luck because the Leafs didn’t want to lose him by sending him through waivers back to the AHL. But you have to understand, these guys practice and skate almost everyday. If Corrado earned playing time that’s where he would have had to do it. He obviously didn’t show Babcock enough to warrant the playing time, it sucks for him but at the NHL level you have to earn your playing time, it’s not just given out because people feel bad you haven’t gotten into a game in a while.

          • Glen

            Leipsic will never be a regular Leaf, I don’t expect him to be in the organisation next year.If Corrado was good enough he would be playing here or in Van now.

          • Gary Ackland

            So its not whether Leipsic is good or bad, its that he’s not as good as the player that is already on the Leafs. Who’s job does he take? Brown, Hyman, Nylander, take your pick – who does he replace?

        • LukeWarmWater

          Well some of us want to see the leafs win, what a novel concept. Btw little Frankie got into a game and absolutely stunk in the game. Back to the sorry press box after that game. He was the Bruno of the Toronto Raptors.

      • LukeWarmWater

        I watched him out in Vancouver and Frankie couldn’t make that hopeless team. The guy simply isn’t an N.H.L. player, I can’t help if a couple of writers in here have a bromance going on with the guy.

  • tealeaves

    Great trade. We bring another character vet with loads of playoff experience as well as a cup winner to help for the playoff drive. He has experience beating the caps, the team we will likely face in the first round. That pick can also be used to draft a corrado replacement with a bit more size and grit and that best fits babcock’s preference. Great move today

  • STAN

    Shrewd move by Lou. It’s obvious he wants experience and leadership in that dressing room for the stretch drive, and Boyle for the next couple of seasons (is my guess). Corrado has a chance to show the Penguins why the Leafs made a mistake, so good luck to him.

  • Stan Smith

    The way I look at this deal it is basically Corrado for a 4th round pick, and the Leafs had to take Fehr and Oleksy off their hands to make it work.

    One thing that is interesting is that a 4th line of Boyle, Fehr and Martin would be one huge line.

  • HockeyKeeperKit

    I just see this as Laich 2.0 without the good prospect in Carrick. Babcock might give him some time to see what he can do then chances are he’s in the pressbox or sent down.

  • LukeDaDrifter

    Mike Sislo
    Right Wing — shoots R
    Born Jan 20 1988 — Superior, WI
    [29 yrs. ago]
    Height 5.11 — Weight 190

    In 54 games in the AHL Mike has 6 goals and 15 assists. 18 minutes in penalties.

    Eric Fehr
    Right Wing — shoots R
    Born Sep 7 1985 — Winkler, MAN
    [31 yrs. ago]
    Height 6.04 — Weight 212

    In 52 games this year Eric has 6 goals and 11 assists. 14 minutes in penalties.

    Steven Oleksy
    Defense — shoots R
    Born Feb 4 1986 — Chesterfield, MI
    [31 yrs. ago]
    Height 6.00 — Weight 190

    16 AHL games 1 goal 4 assist. 11 NHL games no goals 1 assist.

  • Kanuunankuula

    Well, that sure was disappointing. For a salary dump you would hope we’d get something better than a 4th. The 4th could be anything, even a Frank Corrado.