The St. Pats uniforms are back and better than ever


As one of the original six franchises and one that’s been around for a century, the Leafs have obviously had their share of logos and themes over the years. And while most are just iterations of an blue and white maple leaf, there are some from the very early years that are entirely different, like that of the Toronto Arenas or St. Pats. According to a release from the club this morning, the players will wear the latter as a throwback on March 18th, and things will look a little differently than the last time they broke these out. 

You might remember a few years back when the Leafs wore the St. Pats uniform, complete with brown gloves, bucket, and pants to give it that real 1927 feel. If you can’t remember what that was like, here’s Mats Sundin modeling that look. It’s, uhhh…okay.


Toronto will go for quite a different look this go-around. Instead of using the green and brown colour combo, they’re going all in on bright green on a white background. And I have to say, I’m a fan.



This will be just the second time the Leafs have worn the St. Pats jerseys since they left the name and logo behind in 1927, so it’s unclear if this will be an annual thing going forward. If you want to get your hands on some of this throwback merch, it’ll be available through RealSports leading up to the game against the Hawks on March 18th. 

  • LukeWarmWater

    A retired Raptor player still living in the big smoke commented in a satirical way that he has to build a new closet as he was given his umpteenth new Raptor’s jersey. Heh it truly is a business so I get clubs making as much money they can on merchandise.

    The N.F.L. a number of years ago realised how strong they were in the female market and thus out came the lingerie line. I’m surprised they didn’t use Marvelous Marv Albert as the spokesperson for the lingerie line.