LFR10 – Game 53 – Tarasenkshow – St. L 2, Tor 1

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So it turns out Vladimir Tarasenko is pretty good.

  • #@RealDeplorableBill

    There is a problem with the Leafs makeup and the veteran core. The old guys are too inconsistent and don’t pull their weight compared to the kids. Would be nice to see the older guys like Kadri, JVR, Bozak and Uncle Leo carry the team, carry their share of the load, steal more games on their own and not totally rely on the young guns to win all the time.

    Would like to see Lou flip the older guys for more young assets and draft picks to let Hunter continue stocking the cupboards.

  • LukeWarmWater

    Steve some good material, being of Russian heritage on my dad’s side of the family, I thought your Russian wasn’t bad. I still have a soft spot for my Russian comrades who beat the inferior capitalists in the 1972 series. What kind of set up do you have where in 8 games you allow a tie game. In that tie game the comrades would have worn down the capitalists with their superior conditioning if their was o.t. We would have sent out our best scorers and you would have sent out your defensive players. Faster than you can say Tarasenkshow the biscuit would have been behind your Canadian goalie.

    But where you failed to hit this particular rant out of the park was the fact that Babcock played the o.t. as if his team was on the road. Yesiree as you point out the St. Louis star comrade comes out for the opening shift and of course we have to go defensive to stop him. If we can hold him and his teammates off for 5 minutes well we get a shoot out. But wait, but wait we will offer you a second brand x product for $19.95, oops wrong station there, no , no, no we will offer you Mr. Andersen standing on his head for three periods but shoot outs, hmmmmm not soooo good in fact his amazing career 62% percentage has slipped this year to almost 50%. Opposing players are pleading with their coach let me go in on this guy, I got a beach ball here that will beat him in the shoot out. Leaf management secretly working on a blue print to create a bull pen behind the leaf bench to allow our back up to come in for the shoot out. Seems goalies are coming and a going more and more in games ask the tag team of Luongo and Reimer last night.
    Jake Gardiner has been doing his thing for his tenure with the leafs. Steverino he ain’t about to change, no sense in flogging a dead horse. You hope and pray that Babcock will next season get him a partner that will attempt to cover up his mistakes and enjoy his offensive skills.

    Jake’s idol is obviously Ottawa’s Norris trophy winner who is robbed of numerous assists by the bias refs as he sets up the opposing team time after time. There was a classic the other night where he put the puck between his legs and pushed it forward but unfortunately the forward direction was ten feet in front of his goalie. Classic move by the oh so talented offensive Senator defenceman.

    You know Steve there actually was a time when the Norris trophy would go to a guy who could play both ends of the ice. What a concept comrade Steverino.

    • LukeWarmWater

      I’m not sure why you don’t get more responses in here as over time I’ve grown to appreciate your wit and satire. Now I’m an old guy, hell so old I can remember leafs winning cups. On a a recent cruise the better half and I took a cruise for our 39th anniversary. I got a chance to add to my bucket list to do a stand up comedy routine. I have the greatest respect for those who succeed at being able to combine wit, satire, sarcasm and humour. Trust me it ain’t easy so yep I have indeed gained more and more respect for your amazing rants.