TLN Monday Mailbag: February 6th


Perhaps the one positive of the Nation Network setting every site, regardless of home market, on Alberta Time is that, when history looks back on this article, it’s not going to look like I wrote the Monday Mailbag on Tuesday. That’s all good, though; let’s dive in while we wind down from that roller-coaster in Brooklyn.

I think they know. I’m still of the belief that this speculation surrounding him is media driven and that the Leafs aren’t about to get rid of a young player that would be the core future piece of 25 or so franchises right now. It comes down to Matthews being seen as diamond and Mitch Marner being harder to use as speculation bait given his local connections.

I really wouldn’t stress it too much.

I’ll watch the Leafs cup. The other option? Well, if it happens, it happens. I don’t really need to see it, as insane and wacky as it sounds. I feel like me caring about seeing it would give a certain person just as much satisfaction as if it didn’t happen, to begin with.

This is real hard. If the Leafs do some creative trading of vets, there’s a chance that more rookies will get a chance to score, and players could get hot. As well, the Avs are likely to sell, but I also can’t see them continuing to be *this* bad.

I guess it comes down to how far the Leafs go in April.

Honestly, you just have to get in; there’s no reason why they can’t find a way to do it this year too. In terms of being expected to be contenders, though? Next year is the baseline. Depending on how their offseason goes, they very well can be the favourites to win the 2018 Stanley Cup.

I mean that.