LFR10 – Game 49 – Dilemma – Tor 1, St.L 5

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  • LukeWarmWater

    The talented Rush Limbaugh, yeah, yeah, yeah, he is an evil conservative, has 20 million listeners. He was given a hard time after Bill Clinton won a second term as he got the raspberries from his enemies. Limbaugh rightfully pointed out that he was happy. Now why would that be. Simple he had an avalanche of material to use on Bill and Hilary over the next four years.

    So in the case of Steve and his rants, it is far more entertaining to be able to go off on certain players, decisions by management, refereeing against the leafs etc. He has more material. How can you feign outrage, anger, satire, sarcasm when the leafs eventually become successful in their rebuild which will indeed take at least 3 more years.