LFR10 – Game 48 – Lone Star Bag Skate – Tor 3, Dal 6

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Hockey is a 60-minute game and the Leafs missed the first 20.

  • LeafFanSince58

    Gardiner may play some good hockey but he still has serious issues. Watch him play. He flinches around any puck battles. He’s afraid to enter the “conflict zone” and battle for the puck. I would be too…but I’m not being paid millions to play defense in the NHL. He can do wonderful things with a puck but still makes huge mistakes way too often. I read the gushing commentary about him game after game but I still only see good games every 3 or 4 games. The good news is he’s young and can improve.

  • Poppee Pete

    I wonder if Babcock is as upfront and honest with the team post-game in the dressing room as Steve is with these LFRs. Maybe the Leafs should hire Steve to give the summary to the team instead of blogging it to the rest of us.

  • LukeWarmWater

    Wow Steverino indeed one of your better rants. Now at age 67 I finally got the courage to do stand up comedy before 1,500 people. I used the skills of parody, satire, sarcasm, false suggestions. Thanks for helping me as I indeed used some of your techniques. I did get a standing O from those standing.

    Glad as a segue I can use basketball because Steverino you mentioned basketball, you want to talk about pain, anger, agony, frustration, weeping, nashing, rendering garments. Have you watched the Toronto Raptors for the entire month of January????

    Ah Steve just a little reminder IT IS OUR FIRST YEAR OF THE REBUILD. Now Jake Gardiner has played his best hockey this year under Babcock. But now Jake is hearing foot steps or in the case of hockey skates bearing down on him as the Mat Martin’s of other teams will for the rest of the season attempt to staple him to the boards. That isn’t Jake’s game so YES he will cough up the puck rather than absorb the hit. It is Jake freaking Gardiner.

    I did love your impression of the tourist bus guide. A few years back I was on a double decker in New York and Ritchie of course from New Jersey was pontificating about the sites. I couldn’t resist throwing in a word or too. He kindly asked me if I would take over. Well of course I did and as we went by M.S.G. I explained to the tourists that this was the Mecca of sports buildings. I went into detail of all the great events held over the decades including concerts etc. Now as we are going by the M.S.G. there is a big sports bar with a roof patio where the New York Ranger fan club was meeting as the Rangers were opening their season. I was dressed in my Sunday best namely my Killer Doug Gilmour jersey and as I explained to the tourists who these people were I serenaded with the index finger.

    Thanks for bringing back fond memories Steverino. But truly remember this is year one and all the true playoff contenders will indeed play a more defensive game, a more intensive game , a more physical game and a more passionate game. For the leafs 8 to 9 rookies it is indeed a learning experience.