LFR10 – Game 44 – Alternative Win – Ott 3, Tor 2 (SO)

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The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Ottawa Senators last night. It was a huge win. The best win. The crowd – so huge. The biggest crowd. At least 1.5 million people in attendance. Bigly!

  • Josh Bellavance

    HAPPY ENDINGS! By leaf@heart

    For many years the doubters doubted

    Then all at once the Buds had sprouted

    The Shannaplan was working fast

    Could this winning really last?


    Could they really have a chance?

    Will they truly make the dance?

    A year of tributes to the past

    The fan excitement, what a blast!


    This year for sure, for heaven’s sake

    God knows the fans could use the break

    I settle down and say a prayer

    Oh look there’s Matthews with a pair


    Nylander from on the wing

    And Kadri’s there to tip it in

    Marners pass to JVR

    It’s in the net, 4/1 so far


    To the third with the lead

    These darn Bruins are gunna bleed

    Bergeron pots one in

    C’mon you guys not again


    Do good things, good things will come

    A beautiful pearl of Babcock wisdom

    The players buy in, pull out the win

    And then in game 7, do it again


    Honored numbers now retired

    Canada’s team completely rewired

    New management, no fire sales

    A number one pick and T.O. prevails


    Boston’s done, now round 2

    The Pittsburgh Penguins will face the blue.

    Oh no! The Pen’s what shall we do?

    Here comes Crosby, we are through

    Kadri has become a beast

    He knocks down Crosby to his knees.

    Oh look Matt Martin on a Break

    A 4th line grinder what a fake


    He pots it in, game one is done

    What a game, the leafs have won!

    3 quick shutouts made them clowns

    Anderson just shut them down


    No I can’t enhance my calm

    This young team is the bomb

    The conference finals we shall head

    C’mon not the Cap’s, we’re dead


    The Boys in Blue lost 3 in a row

    Where the hell did the scoring go

    Babcock says do not give up

    We can still win the cup!


    Get a goal I beg you please

    Bozaks there ‘Top Cheddar” cheese!

    We beat the caps in game 4

    Still down 3-1 we need 3 more.


    Rielly’s back oh thank god!

    He’s all healed the fans applaud.

    A powerplay, what a great start,

    Oh no his stick has blown apart.


    Back on defence without a stick

    He hammers Backstrom, that was sick.

    “Holy Mackinaw what a goal”

    But Brown is hurt he took the toal.


    Game 7 now, right on track.

    Well done boys, nice comeback.

    Caps get out too an early lead

    Don’t worry guys don’t plant a seed.


    With a tic-tac pass Sosh ties it up

    One more goal and we play for the cup

    Oh hey, there’s Brown at center ice.

    He’ll play through the pain oh that’s nice.

    The crowd is chanting


    But Ovechkin scores

    Oh god No!


    The most brutal goal

    I’ve ever seen

    A bounce for the caps

    Ends the dream


    Leafs lose, what a sin

    Ah well, next year

    They’ll WIN!




    One year later the boys stood tall

    and won the cup, what a ball

    What’s up now, I told y’all

    A happy ending After all.


    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!