LGD: Battle of Ontario, Battle of Atlantic

Photo Credit: Marc Desrosiers/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Leafs have done a pretty good job grabbing points from the Ottawa Senators this season, getting three of a possible four in their two matchups. Tonight, they’re going to want just a little more; there’s going to be a chip on their shoulder for this one, with a mission in mind and redemption at stake.

The Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs lines courtesy of Daily Faceoff

Well, it looks like that’s it for Frank Corrado. Martin Marincin is healthy… enough and he’ll draw back into the lineup. This is a tricky one; it makes more logical sense to have the left-handed shot in, but it just feels weird that Corrado, once again, won’t have a chance to find a groove. He didn’t even have the same partner or even the same side all of last game, so it’s hard to throw too much crap on him.

But again; handedness matters a bit more, and I don’t think Marincin is as bad as he looked to start the season. The forwards remain the same.

The Senators

Ottawa Senators lines courtesy of Daily Faceoff

The Sens are fully healthy as far as skaters go, with the exception of Clarke MacArthur, who was recently confirmed to be done for the season. That’s really sad; I like the guy and there’s a real chance that “done for the year” with this concussion might mean career-ending.

Starting Goaltenders

Frederik Andersen, who has been cold of late, will take on the Senators for the first time since opening night, where his five goals allowed threw away some of Auston Matthews’ four-tally shine.

On the other side, Mike Condon is coming in hot after shutting out the Blue Jackets. This wave needs to stop soon, right?

What To Look Out For

Regulation winner gets second seed in the Atlantic Division.

That’s it. That’s all that matters. Go get them. 7:00 PM, CBC.

  • BarelyComments

    re “Frederik Andersen, who has been cold of late, will take on the Senators for the first time since opening night”

    He only had a .900 sv% versus the Rangers but I thought he actually looked really good that game, definitely kept us in it and played better than the sv% would suggest.

    • LukeWarmWater

      I tend to agree as the Rangers won face off and after face off in the first five minutes and Andersen had 10 shots on him early in the game. But apparently it seems to some that face offs are not as important as they use to be considered.

      Defence let him down on the first goal and the second goal is the type you will see more of in the second half of the season as the contenders crash and bang around the leaf net causing havoc. Remember we have a more fines type of defence. There was one play where I was watching a leaf dipsy doodle with the puck. I thought wow Marner is making his moves again, then I realised it was Carrick. Marner might have to put on some weight but so does number 8.

      As I stated clubs will be driving towards the net, the leafs have to do the same. We had some glorious chances, Marner, Matthews in the 16 shots we mustered but the leafs forwards have to pay the price in front of the net.

      Expect Ottawa to be physical with Neil and that fourth line leading the way. The leafs have to match it. Got a feeling Andersen will come up big tonight.

      • LukeWarmWater

        Btw the third goal went off a leaf’s helmet and the fourth was Grabner goal sucking and sea gulling way past his own blue line while his three other team mates are killing off a leaf power play. I guarantee you that the Ranger coach wasn’t impressed despite the goal he scored.

          • LukeWarmWater

            Exactly Stan. The guy scores 30 goals one year, then has hands of stone the next. Traded by his draft team the Canucks who had to suffer through his injury of fooling around before a game and breaking his ankle. Gets waived by Florida. The Islanders get one good year out of him then he goes to Toronto and floats. Now he is scoring with the Rangers.

            He will probably return to the hands of stone next year.

  • Stan Smith

    i would have said Andersen has been hot and cold of late. I thought Condon’s run ended last week against the Leafs. He must have started another one. lol

  • leafdreamer

    McArthur may have been driving the play north a little too much leading with his head. Poor guy. I must say I never liked his game – much like Grabo and Grabner and many others that we got rid of in due time – too small, too soft, too adventurous, reckless and waaaaay to streaky for my liking.