LFR10 – Game 43 – Grabner – NYR 5, Tor 2

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.19.25 PM

Was there ever any doubt it’d be Grabner?

  • LukeWarmWater

    I always like to help out Steverino in some of his rants. Now one Mr. Grabner drafted by the Canuckleheads, blazing speed but not a member of Mensa as was illustrated one night before the game when the guys were kicking around that little ball with their feet. Unfortunately Michael broke his ankle. Canuck management not amused and thus he was shipped off to Florida where he soon wore out his welcome and was put on waivers. Off to the Islanders, I did wonder why the leafs who at the time were hopeless didn’t pick him up with all that speed. Presto Grabner has a 30 goal season. Well finally Grabner gets a chance to play with the leafs and break away after break away but unfortunately seemed to have the hands of Matt Martin.

    On to the Rangers where he once again is using his speed to advantage, mind you do you really want a guy seagulling way past his own blue line when you are a man short and you are going up against one of the best power plays in the game up a goal late in the game. Nahhhh Grabner is thinking I can get another break away and boom he scores. Then the empty net goal.

    One can only presume he will once again be a bum next year.

  • Jerkball

    hello steve , this comment regarding your podcast from thursday. i suggest you stay away from politics and how you feel about “dumb breeders” u really went off the rails. i like hockey and love the leafs, lets stay there.