So what happened during bye week, anyway?


It’s time to say goodbye to “Bye Week”. The Leafs are back on the ice tonight against the New York Rangers, and in the meantime, a bunch of stuff has happened with the players, with the opposing teams, and even on this site. If you took some downtime yourself, let’s catch you up.

The Team

The Site

The Opponents

Of course, the entire league wasn’t off for that stretch; the rest of the Atlantic Division got some play time in, to try to either catch up to or widen their lead on the Leafs in the standings.

  • The Montreal Canadiens didn’t have a great time after their win over the Leafs on Thursday. They lost 4-1 to Washington, beat the struggling Winnipeg Jets 7-4, and then got beat up on by the Wild on Thursday night, as Carey Price let in seven goals in what was supposed to be a Vezina battle against Devan Dubnyk. They’re 14 points ahead of the Leafs, who have four games in hand.
  • The Boston Bruins are now second in the division, but they didn’t make gigantic progress this week. They lost 4-3 to Carolina in overtime, beat the Blues 5-3, and lost 2-1 to Nashville; 0.500 hockey overall. They’re five points ahead of the Leafs, who have six games in hand.
  • The Ottawa Senators, despite being one of hockey’s worst shot-metric teams, got some standings support this week. They beat Edmonton 5-3 on Sunday, and Pittsburgh in a surprising 4-1 upset yesterday. They’re four points ahead of the Leafs, who are a game in hand.
  • The Florida Panthers also made up some ground this week, shutting out the Devils by a score of 3-0 on Monday and beating the Islanders 2-1 on Wednesday. They sit two points ahead of the Leafs, who have four games in hand.
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning played a pair of games while the Leafs were out. They got pumped 6-2 by the Penguins on Sunday, and beat the Sabres 4-2 last night. They take on the first overall Blue Jackets (still feels weird, man) tonight. They sit tied with the Leafs, who have four games in hand.
  • The Buffalo Sabres played a pair of games this week. They beat the Flyers 4-1 (good if the Wildcard begins to matter), and lost 4-2 to the Lightning. They’re three points back of the Leafs, who have two games in hand.
  • The Detroit Red Wings played a pair of games and didn’t get much out of them. They lost 4-3 in overtime to Chicago on Tuesday, and lost 5-2 to Dallas on Wednesday. The best news about that? All points sacrificed go out-of-conference. They’re four points back of the Leafs, who have three games in hand.

Overall, the Leafs players seemed to have fun, we spent time reflecting (though I spent just as much losing my mind over risk-reward hockey theory), and now the Blue and White have some catching up to do. The good thing is, not too much damage was done; if they keep playing well, they should be just fine in the coming weeks.

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