Leafs are back for “Road to the Winter Classic”

The NHL hasn’t been covered by HBO’s 24/7 in quite some time now, but in the lead-up to the Centennial Classic between the Leafs and Wings it looks like we’ll get the next best thing: A similar documentary-style series by EPIX, which will likely be airing on Sportsnet for us here in Canada.

Considering the league does a billion outdoor games per season now, it appears this series will cover a few teams, not just the buildup for the BMO Field game.

These shows are usually a good bit of fun, and while the Leafs have their own 24/7-style web series “The Leaf”, this EPIX production will likely produce a more balanced look at the team, and perhaps produce a few more laughs.

The last time Toronto and Detroit were featured in this type of series, it was admittedly a bit of a letdown compared to how well the previous 24/7 series’ about the Flyers, Capitals, Rangers, and Penguins were received. Still, we were treated to video of Randy Carlyle being outsmarted by a toaster, so it wasn’t all bad.

Here’s hoping things are a little more entertaining on this go-around. We’ll pass along more information on where to access this series as it becomes available. If you want to see how the show was filmed during for the Habs-Bruins game last winter, all three episodes are here.