LFR10 – Game 12 – Caknuckles – Van 3, Tor 6

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 1.09.29 PM

Boy… that escalated quickly.





  • NemRad

    Martin seemed like he wanted to fight Dorsett, but Dorsett skated away and then went after Uncle Leo. If Dorsett was such a tough guy why did he not fight Martin, they could have easily settled everything. Regarding the other fights… Everyone keeps talking about the rookie Stecher, but what everyone seems to forget is that Reilly is a youngster himself… Burrows (37 years) vs Reilly (22 years), Martin (31 years) vs Stecher (22 years)… and somehow we are saying that Burrows fighting our youngster is okay but Martin fighting theirs is not?? I don’t care that Stecher has only played a couple games in the NHL, him and Reilly are only a month apart. Just because Stecher wasn’t a capable enough defencemen (either because he wasn’t good, or had better players ahead of him) doesn’t excuse him. Leafs have a couple veterans (and I mean that in terms of age not years of experience) on our team so if you have an issue take it up with them, don’t go after our young players and then assume nothing will happen to yours.

  • DukesRocks

    Martin never wailed on Stecher, ruffed him up a bit but took it easy on him. Stecher came at Martin with gloves off after Martin knocked him down. In reference to Kadri, I don’t see how he could poke check him since Kadri is coming from behind Sedin a left handed shot. At the time of contact , Sedin is releasing the shot. My point is, he couldn’t poke check before the release.

    Keep watching the Giff over and over. No way Kadri can stick check him.

  • Draper55

    I have to disagree with two things from this video. The first is I don’t think Matt Martin placed a target on any rookies back for next game, if anything he has made the rematch more about him vs the Canuckleheads (Mainly Gudbranson) rather than the rookies or even Kadri. By doing what he did, no mater how you see it, he put the focus on him for next game rather than on the rest of the team. Second, there is no way Kadri can poke check that puck away before the shot is taken. Its unfortunate the way the hit landed as I don’t honestly believe Kadri was trying to head hunt Sedin he was just trying to put a good solid hit on him and took a bad angle. I think it is a suspendable hit but I’m not gonna complain that he got off with nothing. It was unfortunate that this game ended the way it did as it overshadowed a well played game by the Leafs overall.