William Nylander named rookie of the month for October

Today, Leaf rookie William Nylander was named Rookie of the Month by the NHL. He posted 11 points in just 9 games so far, and has looked stellar doing it. 

The announcement on theScore.

He beat both top 2016 draft picks, Auston Matthews (10 points in 9 games) and Patrik Laine (8 points in 9 games), for the award, but with a 1.5 and 2 year advantage respectively, this isn’t entirely surprising. 

This site has raved about Nylander already this season, with posts by Jeff Veillette and myself, and I’m sure only more praise will come.

Nylander’s elite production has been complemented by his equally elite possession stats, for anyone curious. He’s just shy of the games played that would make these numbers confidently predictive, but his Score-Zone-and-Venue-Adjusted CF% of 57.13% is undoubtedly impressive.

Surely, we can continue to expect Nylander to have a positive impact on this team going forward, as they try to improve upon last season.