These Monsters Don’t Mash

We didn’t plan it

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You see, I was all prepared to be writing this post after Halloween. I keep forgetting now we’re extending the Halloween weekend out to combat the calendar suck of Christmas. So the Leafs have a soft opening to get ready for Goth-tober 31st.

Just what did these gents wear to a what I imagine was a werewolf bar mitzvah

I’ll let the dancing pumpkin entity set the tone. 


JvR is Ace Ventura Pet Detective! When in doubt – go with an over-quoted movie from the 90s. Demerits for lack of tutu, James. But he probably was so proud he could sculpt his hair accordingly. What kind of product did you use? Little Mitch Marner is a tiny cop! I’d rather pretend he is Burt Macklin, FBI. This is a pretty easy, $15 at Party City last minute look Mitch went with. Could it be? Am I seeing this right? Tyler Bozak is photographed for a Halloween-adjacent event and isn’t in blackface! Bozak opted for being Derek Zoolander (90s movie quote rule in effect) and brought whatever is three steps below Blue Steele. No word if he’s any good at eugooglyzing.

Halloween came early ??

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William Nylander and Zach Hyman went for Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy Or Necessary. I always say it takes a confident person to wear velvet – especially if they own animals. Zach and Willie are just excited to be bros in coordinating outfits starring in their own imaginary Chapelle’s Show sketch  (no matter how pedestrian this is).  If the zebra trim was removed, this would have looked like Hugh Hefner’s pj’s he would wear outside the house to go to an Olive Garden. Lots of points for enthusiasm.

2016 has probably been the worst year to brace for what people will wear for the ~topical Halloween costume. It’s been a lot of “oh please just don’t…” Enter the overnight sensation of Ken Bone which is almost too weird to explain. Auston Matthews tossed on a maroon sweater, glasses, and a mustache and perfectly encapsulates how weird this year is. This is either brilliant or incredibly lazy. Possibly both. There was a huge part of me that was hoping Auston would have dressed as Captain America. He’d make a great Steve Rogers.

Not picture is Joffrey Lupul, who I would I had to pick out a Halloween costume for – it’d be the ghost emoji. 

Now it’s your turn – pick and a Leaf and a Halloween costume. Fake points and prizes are awarded to the best suggestions!