What you missed during the Jays’ playoff run


I was too young to remember 1992 and 1993, so these past two Jays seasons are the closest thing I have to postseason attachment. I feel like that’s the same for a lot of readers, so I imagine the sting of them coming close without getting past the ALCS hump in back-to-back years is universal around here. 

With the baseball season done, though, I bet there’s a few of you that got distracted by the hysteria, euphoria, and the eventual emotional crash of this postseason and lost just a bit of track in regards to what was happening on the ol’ Ice Rink down the street. So, here’s a quick refresher.

That just about covers it. Hopefully, when we do this post next year, we’ll be talking about the Jays winning the World Series and the Leafs starting their season 10-0-0. Hey, shut up, it happened once! It was 23 years ago and I was about to turn two.