• DukesRocks

    I’ve been a Leaf fan since the mid 70’s. I’ve seen it all from Sittler and Salming to now Mathews and Marner. In all this time I would say the Leafs had the worst management group in all Toronto Professional Sports. It was a breath of fresh air when Shanahan walked into town and took charge of the Leafs. During this time frame, as a Leaf fan, I’m proud of the job he has done with the brain trust in management and the product on the ice. Shanahan’s goal to bring the Leafs back from the depths of obscurity to relevance has invigorated the city. As a 50 year old, for the first time I think anything is possible with the Leafs… Thank You Mr. Shanahan.

    I love that Shanahan has brought the Leaf’s brand back to its rightful place in this centennial year. I love that we honour the top 100 players and Legends Row. But, I feel Shanahan is missing the boat on one player. There has been only “ONE” player from the 80’s until now that has owned this city. From the time we drafted him 1st overall in 1985 to when we traded him in 1994 for Sundin, he was the heartbeat, the pulse and the breath of this city. No player even comes close to how revered by the fans he was and is today. No player, not Sundin, Gilmour or Domi struck the fear of god into the opponents when he stepped on the ice. No player gave so much of himself to this city, so much so he cut his career short due to injuries. In my era, there is no doubt, the greatest Leaf to dawn the Blue & White will always be Wendel Clark. If I had to choose one word to describe Clark, that would be “LEGEND”. Mr. Shanahan put him where he belongs.

    • Harte of a Lion

      You forgot Salming. He was and will always be a “LEGEND”. As a ground breaking athlete, he arrived on the Leafs as a 22 year old fresh from Sweden. In his first few seasons he had to battle every thug to prove he belonged in the NHL and wasn’t a “chicken swede”
      I can remember a game in Detroit in 1986, where he was cut by a skate, and needed 250 stitches to close the wound. He came back wearing a full facial cage. That’s one tough dude.

      • DukesRocks

        No doubt Salming was tough. Toronto loved him and he’s a part of Legends Row as he should be. I should have mentioned him in reference to the 80’s but I was thinking mostly inline with the 90’s with name like Sundin, Gilmour and Domi. Hopefully we get Clark on Legends Row as well. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

  • Rod

    Steve, you’re not wrong in relying on older people’s view on Dave Keon. He absolutely was the greatest Leaf player. He’s still my favorite all time player, I wore #14 in my short lived hockey career and my only son is named David.
    If you want to visualize what type of player he was, imagine a combination of Sidney Crosby’s tenacity, Jonathan Toews’s leadership & Pavel Datsyuk’s magic.