The Leafs are at the Jays game and I have many questions


The Toronto Maple Leafs are hanging out at the Rogers Centre right now, watching the Toronto Blue Jays in the midst of a nerve-wracking Game 3 in the ALDS. In fact, I’d wager that absolutely none of you are going to read this post until long after the game is over, and to be honest, I don’t blame you. 

But Mitch Marner posted this group shot and I have so many observations about everybody here. Here we go.

  • Why does Nikita Zaitsev look like he was out on a dinner date on his wife before getting dragged to the stadium?
  • Leo Komarov pulls one out of the middle school playbook and gives Zaitsev the bunny ears. I didn’t even have to look at the face to know it would be Leo.
  • I poked fun at William Nylander for dressing too much like Kanye West. Maybe he listened, because now he looks a little more true to his country, straight out of the “H&M Basics” catalogue. Auston Matthews, though? Olive MA-1 jacket. Black tee. You can’t see his legs, but based on recent photos, he’s probably wearing ripped jeans again. Whatever leads to goals, young ones.
  • Morgan Rielly and Jake Gardiner seem to do everything together, including out-of-place cheering for the New England Patriots. Rielly has Ron Gronkowski on his body, Jake appears to not be counting out Touchdown Tom. I’m torn three ways; one that likes the fact that even pro athletes can still be genuine fans of other pro athletes, one that doesn’t like them wearing ear from a completely unrelated team, and one that just really doesn’t care about the NFL.
  • Shoutout to Kasperi Kapanen, who ignored Marner’s orders and decided to #WatchTheGames instead.
  • Players wearing non-standard Jays hats: Matthews, Colin Greening, and Toronto boys Peter Holland and Matt Martin.
  • Speaking of Colin Greening, he looks like a swole version of Jake Gardiner.
  • As pointed out by fellow TLN writer Adam Laskaris, Zach Hyman has probably had that Jays crewneck since he was 12.
  • I would genuinely confuse Tyler Bozak for an elementary or middle school teacher if I saw him wear that outfit in the streets.
  • Frederik Andersen has both the best and most confusing hat of all. The Dane has been in Toronto a few weeks but has spent the bulk of his last few years in Anaheim. Yet, here he is, wearing Toronto pop artist The Weeknd’s trademark XO hat, and a Jays jersey. Maybe he’s trying to fit in, maybe he just thought the hat was cool, but I really want to dream of a young Andersen sitting in Frederikshavn jamming to House of Balloons in 2011.
  • I’m very much looking forward to listening to Jhonas Enroth’s Emo-Pop band when they release their first album.

Above all late-Sunday nitpicking, though, it seems the boys are having a good time and that Young Mitch is happy to be around his new hockey friends, and that’s all that matters.

Except for these next few innings, of course. Let’s Go Blue Jays!

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