The Steve Dangle Podcast – Sep 29, 2016 – Mess


On this episode, the guys compare team Europe to NHL teams, talk Matthews, Trouba, and why Mark Messier hates Steve Dangle.


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  • Bill

    Hey guys, great podcast as always!

    So I love NHL 17, especially the new Creation Zone. I’ve spent the last week or so creating teams, tweaking uniforms, players and arenas, in hopes of recreating an old-school NHL vibe. It turns out you can’t create an authentic throwback NHL as some of the uniforms can’t be replicated (looking at you Quebec), plus there is no league realignment or removing teams. So I decided instead to create my own NHL Alternate Timeline Universe™:

    [cue 80’s sci-fi music]

    1987: The inconvenience of total nuclear annihilation has left the world in turmoil. Humanity lives on the brink, and as a result, all recreational activities have been suspended, including professional sports.

    Thirty years later, and the US is still struggling to win the war against the crummy commies and their army of killer automatons. With aims of increasing public morale as well as solidifying America’s relationship with its closest ally, Canada (the biggest global producer of military tech and nuclear weapons), President Stallone ratifies the resurrection of the National Hockey League™.

    Effective immediately, all teams are ordered to resume normal business operations, very much like they did thirty years ago since there has been no advancement in sports technology or concession stands. The Quebec Nordiques, the Minnesota North Stars and a host of other teams, including the team of the new United States capital, Hartford, rumble to life and lace up their skates to get ready for action. Sadly, the Islanders are still the Islanders.

    Meanwhile, President Stallone launches a top secret investigative committee to explore the possibility of creating several new NHL franchises in Florida. The new arenas will also act as missile silos as America prepares for its final offensive. However, this option is soon nullified as it is discovered that no hockey should ever be played there.

    This is the new National Hockey League. This is NHL 17.

  • DukesRocks

    I understands the panels reservation of the Leafs right side D in reference to Zaitsev but all indications point to him being a stud. In fact he just might be better then Rielly. Here are some interesting facts just based on 2016.

    He finished the season in the KHL with 26 points in 46 games and was a plus 21
    At the World championships he had 4 points in 10 games and was a plus 12 (note: not one goal was scored against Russia the entire tournament when he was on the ice).
    At the World Cup of Hockey he had 2 point in 4 games and was a plus 3. In the 5-3 game that Russia lost to Canada. He was not on the ice for any Canadian goals. Not sure about the whole tournament.

    I understand most peoples point of view is that he’s unproven in the NHL. However an argument can be made that base on both World tournaments the strength of competition he faced is greater then most NHL teams (no matter the sample size).

  • DukesRocks

    In reference to Team Europe being only as good as half the NHL teams. I found the whole segment a joke. The panel making wild claims yes/no which teams is better then Team Europe. The most talented team doesn’t guarantee a Stanley Cup. Sometimes great coaching and systems can beat talented teams. NJ Devils come to mind. The fact is Team Europe had quite a few players that were all stars in the NHL. They have one if not the best center in the NHL today in Kopitar. One of the best goalies in the league in Halak. My point is if you guys want to go down this road, put some meat into it, don’t just throw out wild comments thats pure hyperbole.