Morgan Rielly Gets Some Pop

morgan rielly pop

The NHL announced they will be teaming up with Funko to produce a line of Pop – those cute little stylized plastic figures because that is apparently easier than making better merchandise for women. The NFL has seen several successful waves of their athletes as Pops so now it is hockey’s turn.

For the Maple Leafs, first up to be immortalized in that blank stare miniature replicate is Morgan Reilly. And honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better candidate.

Though I think a Kerby Rychel Pop with a Templeton would have been excellent. I know, you probably looked at that first announcement of players and snarled “but why not _____?” Well, Funko does things in batches, or waves, and more product is contingent on initial success. Funko also tends to be pretty open to customer requests so if you’re not seeing who you want, tell them. Personally, I’d like to see them open up the Pop selection process of the NHL to voting for more specific players: bearded playoffs Brent Burns! Tyler Seguin’s Body Issue Pop complete with tattoos! A giant figure of Zdeno Chara! Phil Kessel with a hotdog!

There is no specific release date other than “fall” but I’m inclined to believe it will be closer to Christmas.

I love and hate Pops. They are so great but I have so much regret buying my first one because I cannot stop now. Funko knows just where to scratch the itch on pop culture fiends and I am incredibly weak. My shelves are a mingled mash of Marvel characters and Mean Girls. And now I’m gonna have to start tracking down hockey player Pops.

You win again, NHL. 

This is going to be horribly dry information on how to get these Pop but it is something people like to know because it can be a journey of acquisition. The figures will be distributed by Grosnor, a Canadian supplier for the hobby industry. A few of the players in their away jerseys are listed as Grosnor exclusive. This means you can only get them from retailers who order from Grosnor as they are not available for direct sale to the public. So check with a local comic or game shop and support a small business (even if going to the big box store is easier).

I have yet to see details as to who will be the distributor for the United States my best guess is GTS – who is the distributor for the NFL Pops as well as the bulk of Funko that aren’t tied up in other exclusives. Again, support a local business and ask them about ordering.