WWYDW: Revisiting Russell


Do you remember the beginning of July? People’s big dreams of superstar signings were being re-configured on the fly, and when the Leafs ended up signing Matt Martin, there was some concern that they could be looking at another player known for his gritty side, and that they weren’t going to be afraid to spend it.

Dark times. But debatable times too; pretty much every (potential) transaction has its backers and bashers, and there was a noticeable group of people who felt that Kris Russell would have brought more to the table than his below-the-curve possession and production numbers would imply.

Two and a half months later, we’re still waiting on that “hold up”.

It seems super unlikely that the Leafs are going to be the place where he ends up, presumably on a one-year “prove it” deal so he can take another kick at the can next July. After all, even if you think this is a player who transcends analytics, they did sign a similar physical veteran in Roman Polak a few days after the rumours began to heat up, and there are already approximately 8000 left-handed defencemen in the organization, to the point where it could even be a problem at the lower levels.

I guess what my question is for this WWYDW is, now that we’re all out of the panic and debate zone, has anyone’s opinion on adding a player like him changed at all? Has there been anything you thought of, seen, or read this summer that’s pulled you away from your July standpoint? Be it a thought that hey, maybe the team needs to get “tougher”, or on the other side, maybe something that leads you to feel more trust in some of the less experienced options.

I’m curious to hear where everybody stands. Leave your response in the comments below!

  • The China Wall

    1. Don’t like the changeover to Disqus for the comments. I liked the old system better.

    2. I think this Leafs management group is smart enough to know that what a LHD like Russell could bring to the table, they could just as easily get from within at a MUCH cheaper AAV.

    3. Polak was brought back because he’s a RHD, he provides a certain amount of toughness, Leafs management know him and what he can do, and he is familiar with the coach and system.

    4. Nothing has changed my mind about giving Russell a pass.

  • Harte of a Lion

    I agree with The China Wall, the comments on Disqus suck. The comments section was one of the best aspects of The Leafs Nation. You have taken something unique and ruined it by turning it into Disqus informality.

  • Hardy

    My position is that i am not giving term or money to anyone who isnt homegrown and young.

    If he comes with a polak deal i dont think i mind. I would rather see the kids have to take spots from the vets and deal with those cap situations rather than just give them spots and not give them a safety net in case something happens (injury, fatigue, getting cold, etc)

  • azzlicker420

    no to russell goes without saying, but I feel the need to just laugh at everyone complaining about the comment section change. Congratulations on not having a geocities guestbook as your comment section anymore.

  • Tigon

    I fourth, or fifth the thoughts on Disqus layout. The former was much better. I liked that the comments were oldest, or first, to newest. I like how much easier to read and more organized it was. I like how you could easily see the Likes and Dislikes to comments.

    Sadly I may stop commenting now, or even viewing comments, simply because this section looks like a hot garbage pile. And I cannot just use my guest sign in.


    • LukeDaDrifter

      At the top right of the comments section, you can sort the comments. Choose oldest if you wish to have the same flow that we are used to. I am not sure about the guest sign in thing. I used to be Gary Empey here, my real name. Now I am “LukeDaDrifter” a pseudonym I have registered at Disqus.

  • Builder Lego

    I don’t want them to sign anyone until they get their cap situation sorted, particularly with Cowen’s buyout hearing coming up. Otherwise they run the risk of overage cap penalties again.