WWYDW: Oh Captain(s), My Captain(s)

Training camp is just around the corner, and the Leafs will have plenty of important roster decisions to make.

One of those decisions is who to name captain. Alternatively, if they decide to name nobody captain, they have to decide who to give alternate captaincy to, and how many players they want to give that honor and responsibility.

The Leafs have plenty of options on that front — I mean really, they have a lot.

Hunwick, Bozak, Polak, Laich, Kadri, Van Riemsdyk, Rielly, Martin, Komarov…the list goes on.

So, the Leafs have quite a decision to make on that front.

In light of this, today’s question is: who would you give the letters to? Which letters would they be? How many would you give out?

Bonus: if you don’t think they’ll name a captain now, who do you think they’ll eventually name?

For me, I’m going with Hunwick, Bozak, Rielly, and Laich as alternates, with Matthews or Rielly being the future captain a year or two from now.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Trevor5555

    Alternates for this year (Rielly, Bozak, + some vet)

    I truely believe we will be seeing “Captain Morgan” headlines in 2018 but thats only if he can show that he can be a #1 defenseman hes projected to be. if he cant itll go to Matthews either next year or the year after. theyre not going to rush for sure.

  • V

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Uncle Leo being named captain. Either as a place holder, or more so for the vet presence. He can communicate with all players other than quebecois, is a winner in the khl, has some solid nhl experience, was our only all star last year, pisses everyone off to no end and loves the Maple Leafs and marlies more so than any KHL team.

    I personally feel Rielly is still young and learning. He needs an A for sure, but could use some time to grow yet.

    I don’t know how much say babcock will have in the decision, but i think it’s worth pointing out that the only captains he’s chosen were 36 years old in Lindstrom, and 33 in Zetterberg. Also worth pointing out that lou lamorillo ‘s captains have also been older players.

  • Trevor5555

    I love the wat Brooks Laich conducts himself, especially in interviews. He’s been there, done that. A great example to the young guys. Give’em an “A”.

    Kadri is feisty, with great hands, draws penalties and usually scores. Playmaker extraordinaire. Another “A”.

    Komorov not only hits the other guys stars, he can also score, speak 6 languages (at last count) and even plays 10th grade piano. “A”.

    Three A’s all they need right now.

    By December LeafsNation might well be screaming for Zaitsev to be Captain. I think he’s THAT good.

    • wallcrawler

      Kadri play maker extraordinaire?
      The guy had 28 assists last year seems middling at best. Ya ya, I know he had lousy wingers last year. Except that to start the year, JVR was his leftwinger and Komorov was on his right side. Now from what I can recall, he assisted on 3 of JVR’s goals in 26 games and I don’t think it was much more with Komorov as he only had about 8 points going into December. Maybe if Kadri would have passed the puck more instead of using his midget aged shot to shoot from impossible distances he might have earned a few more assists.
      And to give him an “A” would be totally wrong, he’s immature and hasn’t shown any leadership at any time. Unless of course being first into the club’s is your idea of leadership.

  • Trevor5555

    Im thinking 4 A’s – JVR, Komarov, Bozak and Reilly.

    Then in 1-2 years Matthews or Reilly get the C with the other getting an A. Maybe Kadri or Gardiner get the other A.

  • wallcrawler

    Bozak, Laich, Komorov and Polak should get A’s. They don’t need a captain until Reilly or Matthews can show that the added distraction of being captain won’t impact their game in any way.

    • magesticRAGE

      So, other than Komarov, you want to give letters only to players on their last year of their deal? That’s no way to run an organization. That’s no way to develop a possible future captain.
      If you like it or not, Kadri will get an ‘A’ in his jersey. If you still think he’s immature, you’re living in the past. Besides, one of the better ways to correct slightly immature behavior is to delegate responsibility, and he’s part of the core moving forward. Rielly, Bozak, and I would like to give Polak an ‘A’ as well. Two leaders with one being a vet, on both the blue and red lines.

  • Trevor5555

    who cares. they don’t need a captain because it’s the 100th year. just have alternates with kadri, rielly and komarov wearing the a. don’t force a captain because it’ll happen naturally over time.

  • Puck_Stops_Here

    I think the players should choose their captain. They’ll vote for the person they respect the most and will listen to them. Whether it’s their most skilled player or a depth player. Their not going to listen to someone they don’t respect.

  • CMpuck

    What could go wrong with giving a young defenseman the C in Toronto on a team that can’t make the playoffs for the next few years.

    Giving the C in Toronto basically means who do you want to ruin? Bozak? Let’s be honest, most of you hate when Bozak plays well, you’d love to see him fail with the C.

  • CMpuck

    I don’t think they need to have a captain at this point at all as nobody seem fitting and realistically it should be Reilly or Matthews in a year or two. However, in a recent interview with Taylor Hall he said he believed that one of the main reasons the team couldn’t get much going last year was because they had no true captain. He believed it would benefit everyone if they had a “go-to” guy to rely on and look up to and play a true leadership role, especially with all the young guys on the roster. Because of this it may worry me with not having any C on the team.

  • Capt.Jay

    If I had to name one today it’s Komarov. Guy is great with the rookies and language barriers. Works his butt off and answers every question. At the end of the day you have think to yourself who the players would listen to in the dressing room more. Rielly, Bozak, the future Matthews or Komarov?

    The captain doesn’t have to be the best player, but the guy that can get the best out of every player.

  • SEER

    The one who has conducted himself the best on and off the ice, gives 100% every game…, supports and boosts morale.., gives good interviews.. and consistently tries to improve should be the lead candidate.., imo.. I think we will have another season with just A’s right now, though..

    If Rielly has another solid season, I could see him being that choice.. He has improved every season, so far… and been put in some tough pairing situations.. Done well so far on 1st line duties, too..

    D-Iron-Man: All Morgan Rielly’s 2015-16 Goals & Highlights – TML

    —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB7THpK7ktc

  • Stan Smith

    I agree there should be no rush to name a captain. I think given time a choice will become more obvious. My thinking is Bozak, JVR and Hunwick for Assistants. They are all experienced players, and chances are two of them won’t be around very long, so Rielly or Matthews could step into that role eventually.I was thinking of an “A” for Rielly, but don’t know if he is ready for it.

    If they insist on having a captain this season I would give it to Bozak. I think he would be well suited for the roll and it wouldn’t hurt his trade value come the deadline.