London Knights something something something

Photo Credit: Ryan Pyette/USA TODAY SPORTS

The London Knights had a big parade and ceremony to celebrate their absolute steamrolling of junior hockey en route to the 2016 Memorial Cup today. This pertains to the Leafs because the team was led by Mitch Marner, supplemented by JJ Piccinich, and has Mark Hunter influence scrawled all over it. Also, the entire universe revolves the Toronto Maple Leafs, and as such, every story involves them, as was pointed out by a quick-eyed Ryan Pyette on Twitter.

Few of us are shocked that young Mitch is recognized as a superstar, and that he would be a charming young gentleman and co-captain that would volunteer himself back to the community. We’re also not really surprised that Piccinich was considered the hardest worker. An OHL rookie despite his Draft+2 status, Piccinich had to overcome the adversity of being not very good in the NCAA In the prior year to confirm that he is a relevant prospect in the depth chart of the only team that matters(TM)

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