WWYDW: Mesh Assignment


If yesterday was, for lack of a better word, “say the jarring thing” day at TLN, today is goaltending day. Jhonas Enroth finally let a city exhale earlier this week by signing a long-awaited one year contract, and now he will let us ask today’s WWYDW topic…

How many games are they going to be playing these guys?

The general consensus is that Frederik Andersen and Enroth will make a straight up starter-back goaltending tandem that the team hasn’t had much of in a long time. Now, the 1A-1B model definitely has its perks, especially if both of those guys are extremely good, but when you have two pretty good netminders who have their own minor flaws and a shared disdain for being in a split position, it’s a bit of trouble to deal with. So, not having to worry about a controversy this year is likely a good thing.

Here’s Andersen’s NHL career to date:


And here’s Enroth’s:


Who gets what share of the workload? We’re curious to hear some of your responses, and perhaps some of that will be answered with another topical post in a few hours..

  • Corno4

    I’m thinking Enroth is probably good for 20-25 games. I also wouldn’t expect Andersen to play 60+ games since he’s never done that yet, and with a capable backup, he shouldn’t need to.

  • TommyV

    So long as both Andersen and Enroth have just average seasons for themselves I hope that Enroth sees around 20-25 games this season. No more no less. Im tired of hearing about a goalie controversy for the Leafs. A good team starts from the net out and having security in the back end for the rest of the team could really help for the psyche of the extremely young group. So having everybody on the same page at least as far as goaltending is concerned could definitely help out. And if the traditional media fellas don’t str up anything all should be good.

  • Stan Smith

    Interestingly enough the most game Andersen has played in a year is 54 and the most Enroth has played is 37, which adds up (let me get my calculator) to 91, just 9 games more than a regular season.

    Unless Andersen stinks the house out it appears the Leafs are in a starter/backup situation for the first time in years, which I think is much better than two guys battling it out for #1.

    I think it would be a mistake to expect Andersen to play 75 games and would think the Leafs are smart enough to not even try that. They will undoubtedly want to increase his starts, but I expect them to do it gradually. My thinking is a 75% – 25% split, Andersen starting in the 60 range and Enroth 20 for this season, and then see how it goes from there.

    That is providing both stay healthy and do the job.

  • TommyV

    i think Andersen will get around 50 starts. Enroth will probably be around his average or 20ish and the rest will be given to Sparks because theres never a season where a leaf goalie doesnt get injured. i call it “death by a thousand shots”

  • Stan Smith

    I have a hard time believing Andersen will play 60 games, I suspect it will be closer to around 50. Be it injuries or performance (his or Enroth’s), I just don’t see Andersen hitting that 60 games mark yet.

    He is also still unproven in a games played workload aspect, not the typical “if you look at Bernier and Riemer’s career GP…” argument people try to use.