Toronto Maple Leafs sign Jhonas Enroth to 1-year contract

Photo Credit: Candice Ward/USA TODAY SPORTS

We all knew it was coming, but it was just a matter of when. Nearly a month after reports originally surfaced, Jhonas Enroth and the Toronto Maple Leafs have finally agreed to terms on a one-year deal worth $750,000.

As we mentioned back in July, Enroth was the cream of the crop as far as free agent backup goaltenders. The 28-year-old consistently puts up save percentages at or above the league average and has a stellar quality start percentage of 55.5% over 147 career games.

While he only played 16 games behind Jonathan Quick with the Los Angeles Kings last season, he posted a very impressive 0.922 save percentage.

Season Age Tm GP W L T/O SV% GAA SO MIN QS QS%
2009/10 21 Buffalo 1 0 1 0 0.892 4.14 0 58 0 0
2010/11 22 Buffalo 14 9 2 2 0.907 2.73 1 769 7 53.8
2011/12 23 Buffalo 26 8 11 4 0.917 2.7 1 1399 15 68.2
2012-13 24 Buffalo 12 4 4 1 0.919 2.6 1 623 7 77.8
2013-14 25 Buffalo 28 4 17 5 0.911 2.82 0 1574 14 53.8
2014-15 26 BUF/DAL 50 18 26 2 0.904 3.07 2 2834 20 45.5
2015-16 27 Los Angeles 16 7 5 1 0.922 2.17 2 856 8 61.5
Career 147 50 66 15 0.911 2.8 7 8113 71 55.5

As Ryan Fancey pointed out a few weeks ago, the Andersen/Enroth duo exceeds the Reimer/Bernier duo by a hair in save percentage performance, but appears to have more consistency, comes with less prior baggage with the fanbase and organization, and at less than $6 million, carry a lower combined cap hit.

At $750,000, it’s easy to feel that the Leafs have made a slam-dunk signing. This allows for Garret Sparks to get a few more months of AHL development time, puts one of Antoine Bibeau or Kasimir Kaskisuo into a clear starters role with the Orlando Solar Bears, improves the NHL team’s odds of winning hockey games, and does so at a premium of just $175,000. Because of his low cap hit, if he does sputter out, the entirety of the deal can be buried in the minors.

Needless to say, it’s not hard to argue that this is Toronto’s shrewdest outside acquisition of the offseason.

    • Gary Empey

      I am not sure why anyone would have any concerns about the Leafs cap situations. They are the richest team in the league and can well afford to pay any financial penalties. Below are some quotes from:

      – — General Fanager (@generalfanager) August 22, 2016

      ” Maple Leafs have a large number of options to clear up some cap space.”

      “the Leafs can clear a whopping $8.3 million simply by designating players to long term injured reserve, a move that on it;s own would clear space and give them a decent level of flexibility.”

      ” With Enroth, #Leafs are $694,084 over the cap with 14F/7D/2G. Have $8.3M in possible LTIR options and could also save another $2.8M if Cowen bought out.”

      The Leafs can not put Horton and Robidas on injury reserve to save the $8.3 million until after the start of the season. Until then they must count against the cap. Also as far as I know the closer or over the cap the Leafs can be, at the start of the season, the more value/saving they get when using the injury reserve options.

  • Kanuunankuula

    STEAL. go leafs go. significant upgrades in net. this team could honestly be a couple spots away from a wildcard spot. no joking around. Babcock’s first year was hampered by sh*t goaltending and awful offence. with a definite upgrade in net and a bounce back on offence with healthy and superior offensive players… look out.

  • Capt.Jay

    Rumour has it Anderssen plays better when pressured by his back up and Enroth is a good one. Enroth also knows he is the back up so the angst we had with Bernier and Reimer should be gone. Sounds like a good match.

    • Gary Empey

      The word is Andersen excels under game pressure. It is the very reason Lou Lamoriello wanted him above anyone else. He is the perfect fit for Babcock’s style of coaching, those tight, close, nail-biter, games right to the final buzzer.

  • SEER

    Surprised and relatively pleased this happened so fast.. and again.., so cheap.. (Lou rules!).

    We now have three goalies in the Marlies, so one definitely goes to the Solar Bears..
    Competition will be good for all of them..

  • Capt.Jay

    @ Gary Empey

    Let’s hope there are far fewer nail-biters this season, what with Matthews, Nylander, Marner, Soshnikov et al terrorizing opponents.

    Still, I get your point. Better to have a guy in net who thrive’s on pressure, unlike a certain Bernier.

    • Gary Empey

      I agree. I think we will see a few games where the Leafs blow-out some teams early, making the opposition give up.

      Generally Babcock doesn’t like his guys to get too crazy and forget about their defensive responsibilities.

      It does look like we will have guys that can score from all five positions this year.

      I am not sure about Andersen’s and Enroth’s shot for an empty neter.

  • Trevor5555

    Great move. This tandem should allow Toronto to compete on most nights. Andersen had a 2.3 GAA and Enroth had a 2.2 GAA compared to Torontos team GAA of 3. If our tandem even cuts the GAA to 2.5 we should have a real good chance at the wildcard. Toronto is easily the most improved team in the NHL on paper, they just need to get the chemistry right.

    CapFriendly says that any player who missed an entire season is eligble for season opening injured reserve and their cap hit doesnt count toward their teams cap number. This would mean Hortons cap hit would not be included in the Leafs total. That would leave the Leafs with about 4 million cap space right now.

    If Toronto waives Laich I read they get 925k in cap relief so swapping Laich out for Leivo saves about 300k as well. However if they could trade Michalek and/or Greening they could save between 1.7M and 4.8M after bringing up replacements. If they traded Hunwick and went with 7 d-men they can save 1.2M. So there are ways Toronto can get cap space if needed and depending on Horton and Cowans situations they may not need any more cap space. They can also start with a 21 man roster by starting Matthews, Zaitsev, Nylander and Marner in the AHL and then calling them up after Horton hits LTIR, Robidas is waived/LTIR and Laich is waived.

    So the cap situation is managable even if Cowan stays and Horton and Robidas have to be accounted for on day 1. Yet from my understanding Hortons cap doesnt count and we probably win the Cowan case. So I think its clear sailing for the Leafs but id still like to see Greening and Michalek traded so our youg guys get NHL ice time.

  • Gary Empey

    What is the difference between Robidas and Horton? Didn’t they both miss the entire season last year?

    Your interpretation of: “season opening” may be incorrect.

    “any player who missed an entire season is eligible for season opening injured reserve and their cap hit doesn’t count toward their teams cap number.”

    I think teams must finalize the cap roster before the season opens.

    PS – I not not sure why someone would trash you. I thought all your points were well made.

    • Kanuunankuula

      Horton can be placed on LTIR easily. Robidas was just on IR, and will likely be investigated if placed on LTIR. Will direct you to Draglikepull’s IR-article. You should not rely on it get you under the cap, also with rookie bonuses we’re likely to get overages as it stands. Cap space is an assset, extremely stupid for a 30th place team to be so close to the cap, there should be some concern until the situation is resolved.

      You can have all the money in the world, this is still a cap league and using capspace like it is nothing will cost you at some point, see Teräväinen & Bickell.

  • Gary Empey

    Next years estimated salary expenditure of $52,282,500 is, a couple of million below the cap floor of $54,000,000.

    If all our rookies make their performance bonus’ it will just get us up to slightly over next year’s cap floor. For that to happen all our rookies will need to be in the top ten in NHL scoring, all win the rookie of the year award, Hart and Noris trophies, be scoring leader on the Leafs, etc. Horton’s guarantee LTIR cap savings will easily cover the ELC’s maxing out their bonus’. That means the Leafs may have to add salary next year to avoid being penalized for not making the cap floor. Also Vegas will be taking one salary away from us next season.

    I am not suggesting the Leafs should not think about the cap, this year or long term, down the road.

    Personally I don’t think it is worth worrying about how the Leafs could be in cap hell, if all the rookies max out their bonus’.

    I do think we should have some cap reserve on hand if a good deal should appear.

    As for the “Teräväinen & Bickell” scenario the whole salary cap is designed to punish successful teams who overpay their top stars, create parity by making it imposible to retain everyone, and generally drive veterans salaries down. If your team wins a couple of Stanley Cups then the value of your whole 23 man roster skyrockets. The only way I can see to lessen the impact is to do exactly like the Leafs are doing by signing their RFA to reasonable long term contracts like they have done with Kadri, Rielly, and Andersen, before some of them become worth 10 million a year on the open market. Stock piling a large group of prospects and draft picks to feed the system. Still it is inevitable you will not be able to retain everyone. Since Shanahan arrived he has been able to swap our three worst long-term overpaid contracts in Clarkson, Kessel and Phaneuf. To do that we had to take back some short-term bad contracts(coming off the books next year). We were able to sweeten the deals by acquiring some draft picks and prospects and gaining some cap space with Horton. I honestly believe the Leafs know what they are doing with the cap. Their biggest problem is the unexpected rise of the prospects. I think they anticipated one more year before they started to arrive.

    • Kanuunankuula

      This assumes we’re not replacing players going UFA.

      Do you want to use the cap space this year or the next? I’d rather have it next year when things are ramping up.

      • Gary Empey

        It looks to me that the Leafs are doing their best to avoid having any players they wish to retain becoming UFA’s.

        Like you I would like to see a little more cap space this year than what we will get from only Horton’s contract. Looks like the Leafs have five and a half million to play with. It is always possible a youngish, established, top four defenceman, with character, becomes available. With the expansion draft coming there will be some deals to be had. It would be nice to be in a position to make a deal.

        Next year I don’t see much to worry about. More ELC rookies will be coming up from the Marlies or Europe even. It looks like we will have over 20 million in cap space. Which I am assuming the Leafs will hang on to so they can offer some of our upcoming RFA’s reasonable long-term deals. It is so hard to predict what Nylander, Matthews, Marner, and others, will be worth coming off their ELC’s. If the Leafs are successful, they better have some money in the bank to pay the young guys a fair contract. I have noticed neither last year or this year, the Leafs gone out and signed any top free agents to long term overpaid deals. I see other teams around have done exactly that. Now those are the teams who very well may regret it shortly down the road.

        On a slightly different topic, what do you think of this whole “rebuild on the fly” some teams are attempting to do? Do they feel because of the salary cap it is possible to build a Stanley Cup contender that way? I think they should of checked with Leaf Nation. It is our one area of expertise.

  • SEER

    Two new montages…

    Jhonas Enroth /
    Goalie / shoots L /
    Born Jun 25 1988 / Stockholm, Sweden /
    28 yrs. ago /
    Height 5.10 / Weight 171


    2013-14 – Buffalo Sabres – NHL
    28 Games… 4 Wins.. 17 Losses… 5 Ties… *0 S/O’s..
    .911 SV % … 2.82 GAA..
    2014-15 – Buffalo Sabres – NHL
    37 Games… 13 Wins.. 21 Losses… 2 Ties… *1 S/O..
    .903 SV % … 3.27 GAA..
    2014-15 – Dallas Stars – NHL
    13 Games… 5 Wins.. 5 Losses… 0 Ties… *1 S/O..
    .906 SV % … 2.38 GAA..
    2015-16 – Los Angeles Kings – NHL
    16 Games… 7 Wins.. 5 Losses… 1 Tie… *2 S/O’s..
    .922 SV % … 2.17 GAA..
    + WC & IIHF stats for the above seasons..

    Rollin’ With Enroth: Jhonas Enroth Extended 2013-2016 Highlights – TML (HD)



    ..and to connect with the great Hip concert this past Saturday… and one of our Legends..

    Bill Barilko/
    Defense / shoots R /
    Born Mar 25 1927 / Timmins, ONT./
    89 yrs. ago /
    Height 5.11 / Weight 180


    252 games.. 26 goals… 36 assists… 62 points….

    Gone before his time…

    Fifty-Mission Cap: “Bashin’ Bill” Barilko Tribute – NHL 1946-1951 (HD)